Companies that have a strategic focus on human rights generate growth. Leading companies create new business when they respect human rights and gain an advantage over their competitors.

Masataka Nagoshi

EY Japan Climate change and sustainability services (CCaSS) Senior Manager, Business and Human Rights Service Leader, Human Rights Due Diligence

Business and human rights strategy development leader. Committed to social development that respects people, and participates in the creation of international rules.

Masataka Nagoshi is a Business and Human Rights Service Manager at EY Japan. He supports companies in Japan and overseas by providing human rights policy development support, human rights due diligence, human rights risk management in the supply chain and Environmental, Social and Governance(ESG) risk assessment. He has supported various industries from finance to consumer products and retail.

Before joining EY Japan, he worked in the public sector to establish international rules on sustainability, focusing on human rights and labor and participated in international negotiations as a government representative. To this day, he works with government officials, international organizations, corporations and civil society officials in the field of sustainability, focusing on business and human rights. Additionally, he help establish international rules in related fields.

He holds a Master's degrees in Public Policy and Human Rights from University College London. In addition to Japanese, he has professional fluency in English, Chinese and French.

Building a better working world

The landscape of global regulations and social expectations is rapidly evolving in the field of human rights. Effective management of these issues is no longer a project solely for governments, nor is it optional. Companies need to make it a priority within their management responsibilities.

Leading global companies know that mere legal compliance is not sufficient: they are expected to meet international human rights standards in every region where they operate. Regulations are being introduced to prevent human rights abuses such as exploitative slave labor and child labor within a company's domestic and foreign supply chains. 

Respect for human rights is fundamental to "building a better working world". By providing my support to companies in fulfilling human rights responsibilities, alongside other stakeholders, I am eager to contribute to creating a world where every individual is respected.

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