Dan Matsuda
I believe that getting out of my comfort zone and actively diving into the unfamiliar world helps me to grow and build new connections.

Takahiko Itoh

Partner, EY Law Co.

Takahiko specializes in legal advice for startups, mergers and acquisitions and antitrust law. He was formerly a judge in Japan and also has experience working for UK, US and Japanese law firms.

Takahiko is a partner at EY Law Co. and registered as attorney in Japan and New York State.

He began his career as a judge. He then worked for UK and US law firms and major Japanese firms before joining EY Law Co. in 2017.

Takahiko’s strengths are wide-ranging. They include law for IT and life science startups , along with M&A and antitrust law. He is constantly aware that clients are not looking for formulaic legal advice; they want solutions to their issues. He excels in working with experts both inside and outside EY to solve clients’ issues.

Takahiko graduated from the University of Tokyo’s Faculty of Law and holds an LL.M. from Stanford Law School.

How Takahiko is building a better working world

I meet many entrepreneurs and people from NPOs for my work and in my private life. At times, I am amazed by the conviction and energy these people bring to change and build a better working world. I too, will stay the course, take things a step at a time and work together with like-minded people to provide legal support for my clients who want to build a better working world. “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

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