Photographic portrait of Eugène Goyne
To go forward, firms will have to learn from the risk, conduct and culture lessons of the past and agilely face the technological and the associated governance issues of the future.

Eugène K. T. Goyne

EY Asia-Pacific Financial Services Regulatory Lead

Regulatory compliance advisor. Public policy advocate. Fitness and arts fanatic.

As EY Asia-Pacific Financial Services Regulatory Lead, Eugène advises clients on financial services regulatory compliance in the region, leveraging his extensive career working with regulators and governments at senior levels. 

Seasoned in providing insights on the motivations and priorities of regulators, he helps inform consulting offerings to EY clients so that they can anticipate and respond to regulatory changes. Eugène uses his knowledge and perspectives to influence the content and direction of regulatory debates to the benefit of EY clients, while also helping regulators achieve their key policy objectives.

Proficient in advocating public policy provisions, he is seasoned in negotiating with regulators, advising on compliance, predicting and explaining regulatory developments to business managements, and helping clients manage their regulatory affairs.

Eugène holds two bachelor’s degrees in Law and Economics from the Australian National University.

How Eugène is building a better working world

“Financial firms and regulators have a symbiotic relationship and many shared aims. Good regulatory outcomes help sustain a vibrant, competitive industry and achieve fair outcomes for customers and markets. I try to bring the interests of clients and regulators together to the benefit of both. This, I believe, helps me contribute to building a better working world.”

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