Photographic portrait of Marna Ricker
I am humbled to represent Global Tax — a privilege not without sacrifice, but also with great reward. I strive to represent the EY organization as a leader with great energy and empathy.

Marna Ricker

EY Global Vice Chair – Tax

Transformational business leader. Passionate about enabling talent and promoting inclusiveness and empowerment. Glass ceiling breaker. Mother.

An EY veteran of more than 28 years, Marna Ricker oversees all parts of the EY Tax strategy, offerings and client services for the Global Tax service line. Marna has held various leadership roles including most recently as the EY Americas Vice Chair of Tax, and prior to that as the EY US Central Tax Leader.

Marna is a transformational leader who is passionate about authentic leadership development and building high performing collaborative teams. She promotes diversity, inclusiveness and anti-discriminatory ideals beyond tax.

Marna serves on the Global Executive, the organization’s most senior management body that focuses on strategy, execution and operations, and brings together all the elements of our global organization. She leads the Global Tax Executive Committee and is a member of the Global Practice Group.

She earned a BS in Business Administration from Ohio State University and a JD from the University of Cincinnati College of Law.

How Marna is building a better working world

“Providing an incredible and rich career opportunity for every tax professional at EY is my absolute privilege and passion. It’s rewarding to help advance my teammates’ tax technical development, business acumen, and personal and professional well-being and leadership skills. We provide the right training, real-time coaching and transformational experiences tax professionals need to not only become leading-class tax professionals and business leaders, but also balanced, fulfilled humans.”

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