Case Study
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Case Study

The client is the water supply services for three states in the nation, responsible for the treatment and distribution of water services to over eight million people across two million customer accounts.

AI-driven predictive asset management driving productivity

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The challenge

Centralize and integrate data from 13 different departments, 18 individual IT system source owners and over 5000 employees.

Getting the right information at the right time and in the right format is critical for the client to deliver on its seven strategic plans and initiatives (SPIs).

EY teams have been working with the client to provide business insights and reporting for the entire organization, comprised of 13 different departments and 18 individual IT system source owners which impact over 5000 employees.

Plagued by manual processes and a lack of data standardization, a purpose-built big data lake is required to centralize, ingest, and integrate the data required for comprehensive insights and reporting.

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The solution

A cloud-based data platform to assist with data governance and reporting.

Business led:

An enterprise performance dashboard will help enable the client to analyze all its strategic initiatives, with the ability to drill down to the operational measures. The areas covered are:

 Customer management and experience

  • Asset management
  • Production and demand of water
  •  Environment sustainability
  • Employee productivity
  • Cost efficiency

Technology enabled:

A data lake hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud with Microsoft Azure Synapse and Microsoft Power BI.

Human centred:

A change management program including awareness sessions, workshops and learning materials to change mindset and adoption of the solution.

Trusted and protected data:

A governance process and security controls are put in place so that data is always accurate, complete and timely.

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The better the world works

The result

Real-time business insights, helping the client reduce costs and increase productivity.

The new data and analytics platform feeds business insights, reporting and data visualization dashboards that help enable the client to effectively monitor, track, measure and manage its entire business to deliver on its strategic plans and initiatives.

EY teams has designed and built:

  • An executive dashboard which provides a high-level view of progress against target for each SPI
  • Seven strategic dashboards for each SPI
  • actical drivers for each SPI
  • An additional four predictive and exploratory analytics use cases

These dashboards provide near-to-real-time analytical insights on water supply services, assets, maintenance issues, work progress and root cause analysis of inefficiencies. The use cases will help the client reduce costs, time, and effort on unplanned maintenance.

EY teams are working on advanced analytics models focusing on improving the assets and customer management using the data collected in the data lake.