Photographic portrait of Meribeth Banaschik
Next-generation eDiscovery is here. It’s smart, it’s predictive and it’s changing litigation forever.

Meribeth Banaschik

EY EMEIA Innovation Leader; Partner, Forensic & Integrity Services, Ernst & Young GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft

Attorney and former litigator. Provides talent and experience in eDiscovery solutions, managed document review, data protection compliance, disputes and contract management.

After working as an attorney and litigator focused on complex international litigation, Meribeth joined EY Forensic & Integrity Services in 2017.

Bringing a decade of experience in forensic technology and IT support, she serves as a subject matter resource for eDiscovery services.

At EY Forensic & Integrity Services, she oversees Litigation and Disputes offers as well as eDiscovery and is EMEIA Field of Play Leader for Legal and Investigations – managed document review (MDR) and data privacy. Meribeth consults general counsel offices, law firms and litigators all over the world in pressing issues of managing data properly.

She earned a Juris Doctor of Law and MBA from St. Mary’s University and is a solicitor of England & Wales.

How Meribeth is building a better working world

 “The age of data has arrived. Data will fuel the global economy and therefore peace, prosperity and growth – as the oil did in the 20th century.

Major corporations will obtain as much data as possible to help better target consumers. What most companies are missing are scenarios in which litigation hits. When you need to find out what actually happened in cases of fraud or non-compliance, oceans of data can turn into restless waters.

With all these oceans of data accumulating by the minute, it becomes harder and harder to manage, segregate, preserve and handle all the data correctly.

Not being able to properly collect, process and review information can turn the dream of big data into a huge nightmare for anyone involved in the digitalized society.”

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