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EY.ai - A unifying platform

Introducing EY.ai - A unifying platform that combines our vast experience in strategy, transactions, transformation, risk, assurance and tax, with EY technology platforms and leading-edge capabilities. Facilitated by an ecosystem spanning technology, business and academia, EY.ai builds confidence, helps create exponential value and augments potential.

Navigate your AI journey

Chart your strategy and roadmap

The EY.ai Maturity Model evaluates your current level of AI adoption and uncovers gaps to propel your business transformation with a comprehensive analysis and benchmarking of your enterprise AI strategy and roadmap.

Maximize your value creation

The EY.ai Value Accelerator identifies opportunities for value creation and capture from gaps identified by the EY.ai Maturity Model. It helps enable you to prioritize initiatives and solutions for meaningful strategic growth.

Build confidence in AI

The EY.ai Confidence Index enables confidence in data, model and processes making up your solutions through an empirical assessment of the underlying AI model.

Empower your workforce

Unleash the full potential of your workforce by harnessing AI, reimagining skill development, and reshaping talent management. Augment skills with AI, redesign learning programs, and equip teams with AI tools, boosting creativity and productivity.

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    This is an interactive series of images that outlines the four pillars of EY.ai:

    1. Chart your strategy and roadmap using the EY.ai Maturity Model
    2. Maximize your value creation using the EY.ai Value Accelerator
    3. Build confidence in AI with the EY.ai Confidence Index
    4. Empower your workforce by harnessing AI

AI principles for EY

EY is committed to the responsible and ethical design, implementation and use of AI systems.


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How to navigate global trends in AI regulation

AI’s potential to create positive human impact will depend on a responsible, human-centered approach. 


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Awards and recognitions

2023 International Business Awards

Gold Stevie for Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

AI Excellence Award

2023 Machine Learning & Intelligent Agent

2022 Global AI Partner of the year

Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards

Best in Machine Learning Platforms

The 2022 AI Tech Awards

2023 Stratus Award

Business Intelligence Group: Top Product/Service in AI