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Helping organizations achieve their integrity agenda. 

Successful organizations depend on their reputation for keeping promises, respecting laws and behaving ethically to maintain stakeholder trust. EY Forensic & Integrity Services professionals help organizations protect and restore enterprise and financial reputation. We assist companies and their legal counsel to investigate facts, resolve disputes and manage regulatory challenges. We put integrity at the heart of compliance programs to help better manage ethical and reputational risks.

Embracing integrity means doing what you say you will do, with unerring commitment. This can make it easier to attract and retain talented people and harness their skills to grow your business. A foundation built on integrity is critical because today’s talent values purpose-driven organizations. It can also help you develop stronger partnerships with suppliers and work more effectively with employees, investors, regulators and influencers. Our integrated approach ranges from enhancements in areas of perceived weakness or issues — including governance, controls, culture and data insights — to full organizational design and structural implementation.

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