Careers in Assurance Services

Be an innovator and a problem solver, helping a complex world to work better by maintaining the confidence and trust that capital markets need.

I am motivated by the talented individuals we employ and helping them get the most out of their time with EY.

Glenn Carmody

EY Oceania Assurance Managing Partner


Discover how a career building trust can build a better working world

We live in a complex world. When you join our Assurance services team, you’ll help it work better by building the trust businesses and capital markets need.

Work with multiple organizations across different industries to gain a unique insight into how businesses operate. Collaborate with decision-makers and colleagues around the world to make more informed decisions. Understand the factors driving business performance, assess risk and apply critical thinking, and in the process, become a more connected, responsive and insightful professional.

Is Assurance just for accountants?

Although Assurance services has its roots in accountancy, that is just the beginning of the story. Forget number crunching in a windowless room – you’ll be right there on-site with EY clients, reviewing strategy, assessing risk and forecasting growth. And, while technology does the routine work, you’ll have time to really get to know and understand your clients and their businesses. You may be surprised to learn that across all parts of Assurance teams, we offer bespoke roles in data analytics or emerging technologies where you can create innovative approaches to support EY clients.

Bring your analytical and innovation mindsets. Bring your thirst for knowledge and learning. Bring a healthy skepticism and an eye for detail. We’ll give you access to every kind of business there is, so you can help to make it work better.

Collaborate on globally integrated teams and embrace change.

Whatever you do, we’ll do it together. Teamwork is the cornerstone of our success in Assurance.

EY teams are diverse and work across borders and cultures. We embrace digital technology in an agile and intelligent way. This helps us better meet our clients’ needs, enhance their experience and increase the quality and value of what we do.

The EY journey never stops. EY professionals constantly embrace change to reflect the rapidly transforming digital landscape, and actively rethink the skills we need from the next generation of assurance professionals.

Yet in all this, the human element is – and will always be – critical. We believe that combining human curiosity with forward-thinking technology is the ultimate innovation. And that’s where you play such an important role.

An exceptional career in Assurance. It’s yours to build.

At EY, your career in Assurance is truly yours to build. We provide the scale, the technology, the teams, the challenges, the learning and the relationships for you to personalize and evolve your career. We believe in nurturing talent to prepare you as future business leaders for the global marketplace and we’ll help keep you relevant throughout your time with us.

EY award-winning learning programs, such as the Audit Academy, will help you to develop your skills and continue learning, so you’ll always be able to ask the most perceptive and challenging questions.

Your time at EY is unique, shaped by your professional and personal goals, preferences and business needs. Whatever direction you choose, you’ll gain exceptional experiences, lifelong and personalized learning and invaluable coaching and mentoring.

Empowering the next generation of professionals to develop curiosity, cope and adapt to change, and value continuous learning through exposing themselves to different experiences is very important to me.

Susan Jones

EY New Zealand Assurance Leader


Where could you fit into Assurance services?

Assurance offers many different opportunities such as:

  • Audit - Provides independent assurance supporting strong capital markets and the public interest.
  • Financial Accounting Advisory Services - Supports the financial function by enhancing decision-making and efficiency.
  • Forensic & Integrity Services - Protects and restores enterprise and financial reputation.
  • Climate Change & Sustainability Services - Provides risk assessments and opportunities in social, ethical and environmental factors.

A career in Assurance is about much more than the numbers. It’s about the stories behind them. Where could a career in Assurance take you? Check out the four videos below to hear from our own people about EY careers in Assurance.

Careers in Audit

Combine your ability to communicate and build relationships with technical excellence and advanced technologies to ask better questions and get better answers. You’ll assess risk and provide unrivaled insights.  

EY Digital Audit marks the next step in audit excellence and brings richer insights, depth and responsiveness to audit work. Embedding digital platforms and tools into the audit process drives change and transformation, leading to strengthened accountability, transparency, trust and confidence.

We pride ourselves on offering quality, integrity, exceptional client service and a wider understanding of industry sectors.

Today, Audit offers you more exciting opportunities for learning and progression than ever before.

    The importance of integrity

    No two investigations are the same. Here at EY, you’ll help organizations to stay true to their missions and keep their promises.

    See why integrity is the cornerstone to success

    Increasing demands for more insightful corporate reporting means reporting teams need to draw on the volumes of data available, as well as technology advances, to provide new levels of insights.

    Patrick McLay

    EY Oceania Managing Partner – Financial Accounting Advisory Services

    Careers in Financial Accounting Advisory Services (FAAS)

    Work with finance leaders to help organizations build an effective and efficient finance function and make better business decisions.

    The Financial Accounting Advisory Services (FAAS) team are the trusted business advisors to our client’s finance and reporting organisations, providing practical support and end-to end business solutions in the areas of financial reporting, accounting and business transactions and financial control. FAAS is a client-facing service offering, focused on generating value-add relationships with our clients and supporting them with the continuous development of their finance functions. With an effective and efficient finance function now critical to successful business performance, our FAAS services help clients address the various challenges in their business.

    I work with purpose-led individuals that are shifting the dial on some of the most important issues of our time; mental health, climate change, modern slavery, ethics, financial literacy and trust.

    Rebecca Dabbs

    EY Oceania Managing Partner - Climate Change and Sustainability Services

    Careers in Climate Change and Sustainability Services (CCaSS)

    Help clients address social, ethical and environmental risks in our Climate Change and Sustainability Services (CCaSS) which is a focused competency within the FAAS sub-service line. You'll help clients balance their risks and opportunities in social, ethical and environmental factors that could impact business performance, and address their stakeholder reporting requirements.

    EY professionals unlock new value and discover unexpected potential through leading-edge data tools and strategies such as data mining, artificial intelligence and statistical analysis.

    Your skills, deep technical knowledge, consulting and leadership skills, and industry insights will inspire confidence across a wide range of accounting, reporting and sustainability services.

    Careers in Forensic & Integrity Services

    Today, integrity demands a particular focus. EY teams put integrity at the heart of compliance programs to help the world’s most sophisticated organisations manage ethical and reputational risks.  Our advanced forensic services combine deep technical, legal, accounting and financial knowledge with deep investigative and tech skills to protect and restore reputations.

    EY teams support clients when they are faced with damaging allegations of, for example, bribery, fraud or corruption. We bring the right people together quickly, armed with the right technology, to help deliver a high-quality, seamless service no matter where EY clients are based. We help to establish the facts, and then share them with the appropriate stakeholders.

    The work also includes helping clients improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their compliance programs, anti-fraud efforts, dispute resolution mechanisms and transaction-related activities.

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