Angus Brown

Finalist - EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2023 New Zealand

Founder, Ārepa Holdings Limited

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After losing a friend to suicide and loved ones to cognitive-related decline, Angus Brown saw the potential for a drink that enhances mental performance, reduces stress and promotes brain health.

So, he created Ārepa, a brain food technology company pioneering the space of a clinically proven brain drink that aims to reduce our reliance on caffeine and sugar, and improve brain performance. The company's goal is to delay the onset of neurological decline worldwide through science-backed nutrition and alleviate the economic burden associated with it, potentially saving the world up to half a trillion dollars per year.

Since its launch in 2017, Ārepa has become New Zealand’s highest-value mental health drink, stocked across over 2600 stores across 3 countries with growing customers whilst outperforming known brands. From this, they were ranked as one of the top 40 food-tech companies on the planet in 2021 by Rabobank.

Ārepa’s vision has always been driven by science, to better the lives of everyone. The company is constantly conducting trials to refine its offering.
When a human study through the University of Auckland proved Ārepa significantly increases accuracy under fatigue, it caught the attention of high-performing athletes including All Blacks and NBA players. Kiwi basketballer, Steven Adams, even got on board and invested in the company.

Ārepa is not only working to improve the health of its customers, but also that of its staff. Every year, employees receive a $500 brain health voucher to encourage their own wellbeing. Additionally, from its headquarters in Morningside, Ārepa runs HIT workout classes and a Brothers Brain Chat where Kiwi men can enjoy free brain drinks while discussing mental health with guest speakers.

As leading industry pioneers, Ārepa embodies a culture of courage, determination and resilience despite several challenges in the industry, such as a lack of long-term investment in high-risk clinical science and disrupting functional food norms.

Looking to the future, Ārepa intends to increase its reach globally with the launch of its drinks in America planned for 2024.