A photographic portrait of Bodo Meseke
Large-scale networks and pioneering technical possibilities are accompanied by deceptive security. We should be aware of this and prepare for the unforeseen.

Bodo Meseke

Ernst & Young – Germany Partner, EY Germany / Eschborn Forensic & Integrity Services Chief Technology Officer

Certified forensic technology expert. Fighting economic crime and cyberattacks all over the world with forensic technology. Helps clients to protect their corporate assets and intellectual property.

Bodo is a partner at Ernst & Young – Germany responsible for Forensic Technologies for EY GSA .

Having been involved in digital forensics for more than 20 years, he is focused on the technical investigation of crime or misuse of data. He was a cybercrime investigator for the German Federal Criminal Police Office and founded a service provider for IT forensics.

Today, Bodo heads large IT forensic investigations and offers innovative IT forensic solutions. A former police detective, he develops individual preventive IT forensic strategies with clients and limits damage during cyber attacks.

He has extensive experience around forensic technology, including digital forensic and incident response, eDiscovery and forensic data analysis.

Bodo holds a degree in Business Administration from Germany’s Federal University of Applied Administrative Sciences and is an expert witness for IT forensics and IT security.

How Bodo is building a better working world

“Do you think your data is safe? It’s not!

Several breaches of well-known companies have shown that there is no 100% security. It's not a question of if, but when, you will be attacked.

Hackers work silently and remain hidden. On average, attacks are discovered as late as 205 days thereafter. Those who are prepared – ideally even before an emergency – can react faster. This may help protect the company’s reputation.

I look beyond technology, taking the human factor into account. With regular trainings, I help people learn about typical entry gates and what to do in an emergency.

Using technology like digital fingerprints and sophisticated data analyses, my team of digital forensics investigators pursue and, in the best case, track down hackers that are attacking your company. My clients and I face the risks together – I help them develop individual security strategies to prepare for future attacks.”

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