A photographic portrait Catherine Friday
The work we are privileged to support is life changing: it underpins equity, access and opportunity for everyone, and it is work that, when done well, delivers the society we want to be part of

Catherine Friday

Managing Partner, EY Oceania Government and Health Sciences and Global Education Leader

Improving how governments work and deliver services. Mustang owner. Keen horse rider. Average but enthusiastic skier

Catherine has spent much of her career providing services to State and Federal Departments and Regulators, Ministerial Councils, not-for-profits and NGOs in every State and Territory in Australia, and in New Zealand.

The implications of the work she does are far reaching as part of a great practice of professionals committed to supporting governments in delivering the best outcomes for citizens, across Education, Health, Human Services, Defence, Transport and Infrastructure, and Central Agencies.

Catherine has post-graduate qualifications from Monash University, Harvard University, Standard University and the Cranlana Programme. She is a Trustee and Audit Committee Chair of the Melbourne Olympic Parks Trust which governs the largest sports and entertainment precinct in our region.

How Catherine is building a better working world

“I am deeply motivated to lead a team where our common goal is to improve how governments work and deliver services to Australians and New Zealanders. Every day, we have teams of people supporting better education, better health, better human services, better transport and infrastructure, better international relations, better migration, and better management and oversight of government itself. It is work that really makes a difference to how we all live our lives. Its work we are all proud of.

What makes us special in our region is that there are 1100 of us who do this work, and share this commitment and sense of purpose, and we have been joined by leading thinkers and doers from government and academia who want to work with us, too. We make the business of government our business."

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