Photographic portrait of Damien Jones
There is no single right pathway to digital success across finance departments. Our job is to help clients with a practical pathway forward as custodians of broader organizational performance.

Damien P Jones

Partner, Financial Services FAAS, Ernst & Young

Historian, social anthropologist and philomath with a passion for identifying and supporting practical change for CFOs and finance professionals. Adopted Australian, England rugby fan, casual runner.

Damien established the Financial Services FAAS practice in Australia at Ernst & Young, and has helped shape the team beyond technical accounting into an advisory team focused on the finance department more holistically.

He combines a passion for accounting, markets and trading and broader finance development to service banking and capital markets clients across their evolving digital agenda.

He is entering his 25th year of service having spent time providing assurance and advisory services to financial institutions and large corporate groups across the globe. He’s worked in Tokyo, London and New York before finally settling in Australia. He is a fellow of the ICAEW, an Australian ACA, a CFTC professional and a member of the technical committee of the Australian Association of Corporate Treasurers.

How Damien is building a better working world

Damien is focused on supporting EY clients in translating longer-term finance predictions into practical implementable changes for today.

He is passionate about empowering people with the right mindsets and skills to become the next transformative leaders within finance and beyond. Damien recognizes the importance of cross-service line teaming and encourages thinking which supports the organization to help address EY clients’ most complex problems.

He has a passion for the ever-changing and complex world of capital markets and trading. He’s worked across brokers, dealers and large-scale market infrastructure firms to help make the market operate more efficiently and effectively.

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