Photographic portrait of Dev Sharma
In this age of disruption, every organisation needs to re-imagine their strategy for a digital world.

Dev Sharma

EY Oceania Digital Strategy and Transformation Leader

Strategy and digital transformations with a passion for the education sector. New-tech adopter.

Dev Sharma is a Director in EY’s Advisory practice, and is the Oceania Digital Strategy and Transformation Leader. He is nationally recognised for his strategy consulting expertise with Australian Universities and Government Departments. Dev has taken on lead roles across Australia on major transformation projects focusing on improved service delivery models, student experience design, large-scale systems implementations, business case development, operating models, business process design and benefits management in the education sector.  

Dev's interest in the early adoption of technology is well-known, and he is amazed at how quickly the next generation are adapting to new tech environments, something he sees with his young children interacting intuitively with their AI voice assistant, while Dev goes through the process of automating their home. 

Dev holds an MBA from Queen’s University (Canada); a double Bachelors in Commerce and in Business Systems from Monash University; and has recently completed a course in Artificial Intelligence and Business Strategy from MIT.

How Dev is building a better working world

"What excites me is shaping the digital transformation agenda with our clients, from the very beginning right through to implementation. I firmly believe the Australian education sector has the potential to be a leading example globally.

Every day, EY plays a pivotal role in shaping the education sector to meet the future learning demands both locally and internationally."

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