Portrait of Rich Macfarlane
I believe the next decade will see huge changes in how work gets done and how information is shared and as organisational boundaries are broken down. Mastering the ecosystem, taking a future-back approach and structuring technology will hold the key.

Rich Macfarlane

EY New Zealand ServiceNow Leader

Helping organisations use technology to transform the way work gets done. Big fan of mountains and playing on them.

Office Auckland, NZ

Rich is a Partner in Technology Consulting who believes that the next decade will see the potential of digital technology hit the way work gets done. By leveraging technology, he continues to deliver highly impactful and challenging programmes of change. He has a strong focus on the Consumer sector and is EY’s Future Consumer leader for New Zealand. In addition to this role, Rich leads the EY’s ServiceNow Centre of Excellence for Oceania changing how work flows across IT, HR, Risk and Customer functions.

Rich has received a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Birmingham, holds a Diploma in Business Systems Development and has been awarded the Master Certified Architect certification from the Open Group.

How Rich is building a better working world

"I believe a key part of my role as a Consulting partner is to help identify how technology can transform areas of an organisation or broader ecosystem.   By doing this the knock on impact drives wider change, and creates growth opportunities for both individuals and organisations to deliver long term value."

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