A photographic portrait of Tony Canavan
Transport and mobility are being revolutionised. Which means Transport Leaders need to be revolutionaries.

Tony Canavan

EY Global Transport Leader, Government and Public Sector

See new opportunities to improve mobility ahead. Loves food and wine. Really loves the Richmond Tigers AFL team. 

After a long career working in a range of leadership roles in government, Tony joined EY as its Transport Leader in 2010. He has over 30 years of experience delivering transport infrastructure projects, developing transport strategies, formulating policies and helping solve complex real-world issues.

As EY’s government leader in transport, it’s Tony’s job to understand the issues and the trends disrupting transport and his curent focus is on the future of mobility, and how technology can unlock a new world of possibility in the sector.

Tony enjoys bringing the very best of EY to those issues and says it’s his job to bring our clients’ voice into EY and make sure they are heard.

How Tony is building a better working world

"I dearly want transport to work better. It’s such a simple thing – how can I move around to get to my job, or my school, or my doctor? But as our cities grow larger, getting around is no longer simple. Making transport work better for everyone can improve the lives of many people. It can bring friends and families together and create opportunities.

Over my career, I have seen what works and what doesn’t. I can see the opportunities ahead. I feel I know the steps we need to take together to solve many of our transport issues. ”

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