How marketing can evolve in the era of digital transformation

In this episode of the Agents of Change podcast, EY’s Roger Park is joined by Amy Summy, EY Americas Financial Services Marketing Transformation Leader, to discuss how, fueled by disruptive technologies, the role of the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is transforming like never before.

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Roger Park
EY Americas Innovation Leader


Episode 6

Duration 31m 38s

The following trends are transforming the role of the CMO:

  • Financial services customers are expecting ever-more tailored experiences.
  • Seismic changes in media are increasing competition for attention.
  • Global regulations and cybersecurity considerations directly impact a financial services firm’s value and reputation.
  • More technology means more choices and more complexity.

A CMO’s influence with all stakeholders – customers, employees, partners, shareholders and communities – has risen as marketing efforts become critical to a financial services organization’s success.

Learning outcomes 

  • Marketers should augment their technology skills with strong data and analytics people that can help them go into market more effectively with their customers.
  • It’s important for marketers to get clarity on the expectations from their roles.

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Roger C Park

EY Americas Innovation Leader

Amy M. Brachio

EY Global and Americas Advisory Risk Leader