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JobKeeper Incentive: Critical information to act now

The JobKeeper Payment is an unprecedented $130 billion subsidy with the intent of keeping around 6 million Australian workers in jobs as Australia and the rest of the world seek to confront the economic fallout of managing COVID-19.

With more detailed guidance being updated daily, this webcast will address how you deal with determining eligible employer entities and employees. Join the panel as we explain the application of the rules and answer the many questions being asked including:

  • How to address the more detailed rules on eligibility?
  • What are the more particular issues regarding turnover thresholds and revenue reductions?
  • How do you extract the required information at a business and employee level?
  • What are the potential fixes for the information gaps?
  • How do you seek the exercise of the Commissioner’s discretion where this is required?
  • What actions you should take Now and the timeline and order of priority?


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