Photographic portrait of Silvia Barreto
The challenges that we face and make us leave our comfort zone are an essential contribution to our personal and professional growth.

Silvia Barreto

Partner, Assurance Financial Services, Ernst & Young Audit & Associados - SROC, S.A.

Mother of a girl. Family is her main pillar. Believes work-life balance is crucial for the professional success.

Sílvia is currently a Partner at Ernst & Young Audit & Associados - SROC, S.A. with experience in the coordination and execution of various audit work to clients in the banking sector and asset management. She is also responsible for coordinating the process of Financial Services Organization (FSO) training in the audit services.

In addition, she actively participates in specific work related to internal control and locally defined regulatory requirements in Portugal.

She has experience in coordinating audits of relevant size groups with active communication with subsidiaries’ teams at local and international level.

Silvia graduated with a degree in Business Administration from Instituto Superior de Gestão and is an Order of Chartered Accountants (OCC) member.

How Silvia is building a better working world

Silvia believes that being a dedicated, transparent, communicative, leader and willing to train and motivate colleagues allows the quality of the work produced by the auditors to be recognized by society.

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