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Around the world, we’re fostering workplaces that promote an open, trust-based environment that stimulates innovative thinking and enables EY people to collaborate fluidly and flexibly.

Trent Henry

EY Global Vice Chair – Talent


Flexibility benefits

At EY, we understand life’s challenges and complexities. We know everyone is juggling a career with priorities outside of work, and COVID-19 has made this even more of a challenge for many. That’s why that we support you to work, connect and collaborate more easily and flexibly.

Whether your colleagues are on a different floor, or on a different continent, or completely virtual, we help you get your work done responsibly and flexibly while managing your busy life.

Flexibility testimonial: Hilda Echeverria, Partner, Assurance Services

As a devoted mother, Hilda appreciates EY flexibility. Her reduced schedule work arrangement means she can take one day off each week to care for her daughters. “Anything outside of work is dedicated to them,” she says. “So it’s really great that I have time to take my girls to school or summer camp.”

That flexibility was never more evident than in July 2014. It was then, while she was on maternity leave, that Hilda was promoted to partner. “I had my partner interview when I was nine months pregnant,” she says. “And I was holding my baby when I got the news of my promotion. I think that’s a great testament to the EY commitment to supporting the careers of working moms.”

Mobility experiences that can take you anywhere

Your global mindset can take you anywhere. Mobility challenges the way you experience the world. It unites, it opens your eyes, it builds understanding. It amplifies your unique perspective on our global stage. Multicultural thinking, teaming and working are at the heart of our shared success. Every cross-border and cross-service line experience we offer is an opportunity for you to learn, to lead, to innovate, to grow.

We invite you to explore what mobility means at EY, from international relocations to programs that support cross-border experiences.

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Global mindset

International experiences are the surest ways to build a global mindset – a crucial attribute for working effectively with colleagues and clients from different countries, cultures and backgrounds.

As clients become more global, EY people must match those experiences and insights to tackle global issues. Mobility helps us deal with emerging global challenges, such as market volatility, geopolitical crises and cyber threats. By thinking and working beyond our own perspectives and borders, we can help deliver unique and valuable perspectives to clients and colleagues.

We’ll give you unique opportunities to develop yours, whether you’re working abroad, traveling internationally or working virtually from your home office with colleagues and clients from other countries.

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Challenge your comfort zone by changing your time zone

Being part of a global organization offers many opportunities for cross-border experiences. One example is traveling for business internationally, from a single trip to regular travel on a long-term engagement. Whether for a few days, weeks or more, working across borders provides you with valuable professional development and collaborative opportunities.

One of the most powerful experiences EY offers its people is the opportunity to work across cultures and borders. Our global Mobility4U program offers a single point of access for developmental and experiential mobility, giving you the opportunity to work across geographies and service lines – and broaden your global mindset and network.

Despite the challenges COVID-19 has presented, EY is seeing an increase to new assignments over the last several months. Historically EY has managed close to 3,000 assignments globally per year.  

In FY21, EY managed:

  • 100 different home countries and
  • 94 different host countries

Which total 738 unique country combinations.

Changing the way we work

We believe that you’ll be at your best in an environment designed around your working habits. Through EY@Work, we create energizing environments to help you work fluidly both in and out of the office.

Making the distinction between how EY people work, not where they sit, is a key component of our flexible working environment. Our EY@Work offices have open, collaborative spaces, ergonomic furniture and are fitted with integrated instant messaging software that allows for calls; conferences and video chat; video conferencing; smart walls and interactive room booking systems.

It’s all designed to help you and your team work collaboratively more easily, whether your colleagues are down the hall or around the world.

Experienced professionals

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