Corporate responsibility

More than operating responsibly, we’re committed to using our knowledge, skills and experience to help strengthen our communities.

Driving sustainable, inclusive growth 

At EY, we believe we have a vital role to play in driving sustainable, inclusive growth where everyone can contribute to, and share in the benefits of, sustainable economic growth.

We advise governments on how to build more sustainable and inclusive economies; we help businesses innovate with purpose; and as a founding member of The Embankment Project for Inclusive Capitalism, we are working toward a new corporate reporting framework that increases focus on the true sources of long-term value for all stakeholders.

While these efforts go a long way toward fulfilling our purpose, we believe we can and must do more, which is why we look to extend our impact through corporate responsibility.

This includes providing our people with opportunities to channel their knowledge, skills and experience toward driving sustainable, inclusive growth in our communities – especially by helping young people develop the mindsets and skills they need most to succeed in a transformative age, and working with impact entrepreneurs to scale businesses that tackle inequality.

It also includes inspiring every one of our people to play their part in embedding responsibility, environmental sustainability and inclusive growth more deeply in every aspect of our own operations and value chain.

Our latest commentary

Supporting the next generation

Today’s transformative age poses challenges that access to education alone can’t solve. When many children today will end up in jobs that don’t exist yet – and when many jobs that do may disappear because of automation – we need to think differently. It’s why we’re placing greater emphasis on helping young people develop mindsets and transferable skills such as communication, critical thinking and complex problem solving. Because we believe it’s these qualities that will best equip them to find and sustain meaningful work, whatever the future holds.

Working with impact entrepreneurs

Billions of people around the world still are excluded from opportunities, goods and services most of us take for granted. Impact entrepreneurs make it their business to tackle this inequality. With our help to improve their businesses’ resilience, productivity and capacity for sustainable growth, many are already projected to change hundreds of thousands of lives. By significantly scaling our support, we intend to help them change millions more.

Minimizing our environmental impact

Wherever they occur around the world, climate shocks hit the poorest in society hardest, putting inclusive growth at risk. That’s why our commitment to driving sustainable, inclusive growth includes doing more to minimize our environmental impact. Individual EY member firms already have made far-reaching commitments, up to and including becoming carbon- and water-neutral. Aided by a new global environmental statement, we’re galvanizing effort to improve environmental performance across our global organization.