A photographic portrait of Jakob Schniewind
Payments is synonymous with the most precious resources of today’s age: data and user engagement.

Jakob Schniewind

EY Innovalue Payments Senior Associate and EY Innovalue Mgt Advisors GmbH

Advocate of a cashless society. International mindset. Passionate runner and traveler.

Jakob is a Senior Associate in the Payments practice of EY Innovalue Mgt Advisors GmbH and part of the payments acceptance team.

Since joining Innovalue in 2016, he has worked on strategic and operational projects in the payments space. His experience includes commercial due diligence, inorganic growth strategy, pricing strategy, M&A target screening, market-entry study, concept for direct debit processes and product launch support.

Jakob holds a BSc in Business Science from the Goethe University of Frankfurt and an MBA from the Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich. He wrote both his bachelor’s and master’s thesis on the topic of mobile payment.

How Jakob is building a better working world

“In my work, I contribute toward a cashless society while supporting financial inclusion. My team and I provide clients with deep industry insights and innovative ideas in order to boost their businesses as well as improve everyday payments. For this purpose, I am motivated to go the extra mile for the client.”

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