Photographic portrait of Razvan Popescu
When you are facing the dilemma with the chicken and egg, focus on how to build an amazing nest that will attract the chicken to make not one but multiple eggs.

Razvan Popescu

EY wavespace™ satellite Bucharest Lead and EY Romania Consulting, Intelligent Automation Associate Partner, Ernst & Young SRL

Intelligent automation evangelist with extensive experience in managing large automation programs for global clients. Father of one beautiful baby girl, husband. Winter sports enthusiast.

Razvan leads wavespace satellite Bucharest and is also the leader of the Intelligent automation Center of Excellence in Romania.

In this state-of-the-art practice, over 55 Intelligent Automation professionals are providing automation services for global clients in industries, such as banking, automotive, pharma and retail, in the US, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Building on the success of EY Center of Excellence, EY wavespace satellite Bucharest was launched, expanding Intelligent Automation EY capabilities through innovation, experimenting with cutting-edge technologies and collaborations with promising start-ups.

Razvan has been with EY for the past 12 years, right after earning a BSc in Computer Science from the Academy of Economic Studies. 

How Razvan is building a better working world

“I see Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Automation as two drivers that will change the way how companies are organized, design new products and deliver products.

Nothing is more important for a society than education. It is our responsibility to help the future generations preparing for the changes that are already impacting our life, from climate change to disruptive technologies, and building innovative solutions.

I introduced the involvement of my teams in multiple learning programs and hackathons aimed for giving back to the students’ community the knowledge and practical experience gathered in the recent international digital projects.”

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