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You’ve got tough questions: How do I react to rapid customer and industry change and create a clear path forward? How do I change direction or invest in the unknown or untried?

The Hub has answers. Our ecosystem brings together bright minds in technology, science and business to help you rapidly explore the practical applications of new technology, reimagine the way you do business and ignite business growth.

What is the Hub?

The Hub is an immersive experience enabled by EY wavespace,TM and centered on a dedicated space in Cleveland, Ohio. That’s where we bring together people, software, and hardware in a real-world production environment, enabling you to visualize and experience customer-centric solutions – physically and virtually.

We selectively pair you with our technology and business ecosystem partners and, leveraging EY wavespace methodologies, give you the tools, and give you the space and time to hyper-focus on a problem or opportunity. Together, we find new solutions, bring them to life by rapidly modeling or prototyping them, and then we’ll help you deploy them in the real world. There’s no better or faster way to turn great ideas into everyday business outcomes.

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Why Nottingham Spirk

Nottingham Spirk brings a rich history of innovation and unique methodologies that enable us to rapidly prototype and co-create with you.