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AI Technology

We embed leading-edge AI capabilities into everything we do for you, to help ensure the rapid delivery of AI-powered services and solutions. 

EY Fabric: powering EY.ai 

Our global foundational technology platform embeds EY.ai with leading-edge AI capabilities, united robust data strategies, cloud hyperscalers, and efficient AI management. Its rigorous AI governance ensures responsible and ethical AI use, setting new industry benchmarks.

As the backbone of our technology strategy, EY Fabric accelerates ethical AI solutions and enhances agility for our clients' business transformations. Powering the future of AI transformation, EY Fabric builds confidence in AI, helps create exponential value and augments people potential.

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EY technology embedded with AI

We embed leading-edge AI capabilities in everything we do by leveraging the reusable technology and data assets from EY Fabric. Explore EY technology products that enable our AI solutions. 

EY Intelligent Payroll Chatbot

Modernized payroll care using ChatGPT in Azure OpenAI to answer complex payroll questions from employees.

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EY Canvas AI

An aggregation of the collective knowledge of 85,000 EY Assurance professionals, helping assist audit teams in providing effective audit strategies that enhance confidence in the audit.

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EY Strategy Edge

A business intelligence platform that draws on generative AI and EY industry experience to provide a 360-degree view of growth, risk and resilience considerations at the heart of your strategic planning.

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A secure large language model (LLM) for EY teams that leverages generative AI capabilities, supporting a wide range of use cases from a conversational AI assistant to product development.

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EY.ai Workforce

Combines AI and automation from IBM watsonx Orchestrate with the EY organization’s domain knowledge in HR transformation to help organizations innovate their HR processes.

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Recognized by industry leaders for our AI solutions and capabilities

AI Excellence Award

2023 Machine Learning & Intelligent Agent

2023 International Business Awards

Gold Stevie for Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

Best in Machine Learning Platforms

The 2022 AI Tech Awards

EY Intelligent Payroll Chatbot

2023 BI Stratus Award in AI category

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