3 minute read 28 Sep 2023
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EY’s commitment to developing and using AI ethically and responsibly

By EY Global

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3 minute read 28 Sep 2023

EY teams adhere to these responsible AI principles in their development and use of AI.


There is unambiguous ownership over AI systems, their impacts and resulting outputs across the AI lifecycle.

Data Protection 

Use of data in AI systems is consistent with permitted rights, maintains confidentiality of business and personal information and reflects ethical norms.


AI systems are aligned with stakeholder expectations and continually perform at a desired level of precision and consistency.


AI systems, their input, and output data are secured from unauthorized access, and resilient against corruption and adversarial attack.


Appropriate levels of disclosure regarding the purpose, design and impact of AI systems is provided so that stakeholders, including end users, can understand, evaluate and correctly employ AI systems and their outputs.


Appropriate levels of explanation are enabled so that the decision criteria and output of AI systems can be reasonably understood, challenged and validated by human operators.


The needs of all impacted stakeholders are assessed with respect to the design and use of AI system and their outputs to promote a positive and inclusive societal impact. 


Ensures the design, implementation and use of AI systems and their outputs comply with relevant laws, regulations and professional standards.


Considerations of the impacts of technology are embedded throughout the AI lifecycle to promote physical, social, economic and planetary well-being.


We’re bringing together a multi-disciplinary experience through EY.ai, a platform that combines our leading-edge AI capabilities and a holistic ecosystem to build confidence, create value and augment potential. 

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