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EY data protection and privacy services help organizations stay up-to-date with leading services in data security and data privacy, as well as complying with regulation in a constantly evolving threat environment and regulatory landscape.

What EY can do for you

EY data protection (pdf) and privacy services and solutions are designed to help companies protect their information over the full data lifecycle – from acquisition to disposal.

Service offerings by the Cybersecurity teams help EY clients to:

  • Stay up-to-date with leading services in data security and data privacy
  • Observe regulatory compliance in a constantly evolving regulatory landscape
  • Forensically identify the scope and nature in the event of misuse or breach of personal information and help organizations take steps to remediate and report the event
  • Sustain an effective data protection and compliance management posture, which helps in reducing associated costs
  • Protect their brand reputation through the protection of business, customer and other sensitive and regulated information

EY services aim to empower organizations to avert costly data breaches and reduce risks of non-compliance that could result in fines from the regulator. When a breach happens, EY services will help companies remediate the breach and meet their reporting obligations in a timely manner.

Privacy in the wake of COVID-19

EY and The International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) launch new research on remote working, employee health monitoring and data sharing.

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