Photographic image of Hugh Burgin
Using robust data, AI, and machine learning solutions, my passion is improving business performance and creating transparency that helps solve complex business problems.

Hugh Burgin

EY Americas Microsoft Data & AI Leader

Deep knowledge in data strategy and machine learning. Has lived and worked around the world.

Hugh uses his experience in data analytics, machine learning, and digital tools to boost business performance, increase customer lifetime value, optimize sales, and deepen customer insights.

Hugh has over 20 years of experience providing data- and analytics-based consulting services to companies around the world, working across industries such as health care, power and utilities, retail, communications, and financial services. He also leads the EY Intelligent Forecasting and Scenario Modeling Solution.

Hugh has a degree in Economics from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas.

How Hugh is building a better working world

Hugh focuses on some of his clients’ most challenging business issues, using his Big Data, analytics, AI, and customer-strategy experience to drive measurable results.
Beyond his technical focus on AI and machine learning capabilities, he is motivated to see solutions that are adopted by his clients and their customers. This requires a focus on business strategy and organizational design, as well as an understanding of how Microsoft Data & AI technology can enable organizations to rapidly scale capabilities and generate insights that matter.

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