Photographic portrait of Jon Huang

Jon Huang

EY Taiwan Business Advisory Services General Manager

Business lead technology transformation. Add values to corporates by leveraging digital technology and process innovation.

Jon Huang is the General Manager of EY Business Advisory Services Inc. He has extensive experience in management consulting and large-scale technology transformation programs with projects across Asia, Us, and Europe.

With his extensive experience, Jon assisted companies in improving Sales/Marketing, R&D, Supply Chain Operations, and Back Office Operations by design Enterprise Architecture, Program Management of the transformation program.

Jon holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and an EMBA from National Taiwan University.


How Jon is building a better working world

With his extensive consulting experience, Jon once served as the client's acting Chief Information Officer, thinking about the client's needs from an enterprise perspective and supported the eventual organization transformation.

He has successfully assisted the client in reorganization of the information office and ERP system, as well as helping them to solve the issues related to software and hardware suppliers.

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