Photographic portrait of Patrick Ruijs
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Patrick Ruijs

EY EMEIA Customer & Growth Leader; Netherlands Consulting Business Transformation Leader; VODW Leader

Curious. Optimistic. Goes for surprising results and believes in the resilience of organizations. Embraces change.

Patrick assists large corporations in digital strategy and transformation processes. Curious and optimistic, he looks for unexpected gains and believes in the resilience of organizations.

Before joining EY, Patrick has worked at VODW, one of Europe's largest strategic marketing agencies since 1997. VODW became part of the EY family in July 2018.

He has a degree in Business Administration from the University of Groningen.

How Patrick is building a better working world

“My specialty, I like to say, is reteaching elephants to fly. Big, traditional brands have everything it takes to keep growing, they just need to learn new, creative ways of thinking.

The most pressing issue we are facing today is to create a sustainable future for all. I believe organizations have the responsibility to play an important role – starting today. We have the power to influence the outcome of the products, services, experiences and businesses we create. I support our clients to engage with their stakeholders, customers, business partners and communities; as well as to pursue solutions that build long-term value.”

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