EY DRIVE: business case development platform

EY DRIVE (Digital return on investment visualization engine) supports business stakeholders to dynamically develop and tell a clear business case story, align on project scenarios and drive go/no-go decisions for transformation initiatives.


Your business challenge

When evaluating a capital allocation decision, business case analyses are often made too simple by not considering critical variables and scenarios, or too complex by overengineering spreadsheets. Business cases often lack transparency into key assumptions, consistency in the display of results and flexibility to compare options in real time. Can your modeling:

  • Create visuals to compartmentalize discussions around structure and ownership
  • Iterate seamlessly between the structuring of your model and the calculation of inputs

Solution benefits

EY DRIVE leverages digital capabilities to model business cases that are simple enough for stakeholders to follow, collaborate and engage with. It helps enable agile iterations on scenarios as inputs evolve. 

  • Be strategic about the structure of your business case by leveraging templates and unique visuals to kickstart analysis
  • Leave no value source unturned by ‘shopping’ for common bundles of value drivers and pre-defined KPI calculations

Use case

Use cases include using EY DRIVE:

  • As an ideation engine to pursue unique sources of value
  • To analyze the bundling of projects in the same model to improve and prioritize a program.

Solution features & functionality

Structure the business case

  • Leverage leading-practice templates
  • Visualize and decide on go-forward scenarios and iterate on results

Manage value drivers

  • Shop from a library of over 500 pre-loaded benefit drivers
  • Calculate savings more accurately with suggested KPI formulas

Track benefits

  • Re-forecast your savings and compare back to your baseline
  • Capture snapshots and explain the gap between baseline and re-forecasted savings

Why EY

The power of EY people, capabilities and innovation is behind EY DRIVE, allowing you to build high-performing business cases. EY DRIVE is underpinned by experience and proprietary technology focused on meeting your transformation challenges.

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