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With more than 100 years of experience supporting the world’s most entrepreneurial families, we understand that family business owners face unique challenges as they balance the need to accelerate growth with the effort to build the family legacy.

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What EY can do for you

Drawing on the knowledge we’ve gained by working with family businesses over the decades, we have identified the success factors for family business growth — what we call the Growth DNA Model for family businesses. We use the Growth DNA Model to pinpoint the issues and areas of focus that will help family businesses grow and build a long-term, intergenerational legacy.

Our model supports both the personal and company performance agenda of family businesses leaders, and aims to help you succeed for generations. We use the model as a framework to guide issue-based conversations on topics that matter most to you and your family business:

Purpose and context

Fundamental to the success of generational families is a common sense of purpose and shared values, which are adopted by successive generations to preserve the family legacy. Family values build a foundation for family unity and play a key role in managing expectations and setting out the principles that guide family members in how they interact with each other, both inside and outside of the family business. Learn more.

Growth and innovation

Sustaining the growth and profitability of the family business is increasingly challenging in the face of a rapidly changing market environment driven by technology and disruption. It is also increasingly important as the family grows and the profit is shared among family members. Learn more.

Life and legacy

As families grow in number and complexity, a key challenge for a family business is how to plan for succession and implement a governance framework that enables the best decisions to be made to support a sustainable future. Learn more.

Capital and security

The family operating model is the link between the family’s strategic intent and ability to deliver on that. Within this framework, family business owners need to consider how to manage their assets and protect the family’s capital in a way that achieves operational efficiencies, manages risk and protects the family legacy for future generations. Learn more.

When you’re ready to talk, we’re ready to listen

Using our Growth DNA Model as a guide, we ask the right questions – and we listen to the answers. Drawing on our decades of experience working as trusted advisors to leading family businesses, we work with you to address the issues and concerns your business faces.

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