There is still a lot of room to expand productivity in organizations. In addition, companies will increasingly have to reinvent their supply chains to make them safer and more resilient.

Giovani Ortiz

EY Brasil Supply Chain Consulting Partner
Areas of focus Supply chain

Giovani is in charge of transforming value chains, helping our clients achieve expressive results in operating productivity, cost reductions and increase in the level of service. Supply Chain Consulting Partner in Brazil and responsible for EY’s manufacturing and digital manufacturing practice for Latin America, over his career, Giovani specialized in the implementation of continuous improvement systems (based on Lean, Six Sigma, TPM and IWS) and Value-chain Management (IBP, S&OP, S&OE/Service Management, Order Management, Risk Management, Product Life-cycle Management).

A committed professional and a peacemaker, Giovani is recognized for performing his job always thinking about the people and focusing on the reduction of variabilities and operational stress.

How Giovani is helping to build a better working world:

"I seek the improvement of people's lives and in the reality of organizations, always thinking about the reduction of variabilities and operational stress. For me, the evolution of the results occurs through the increase in confidence among all parties involved in the business processes. I work changing people’s mindsets and developing a leadership that knows how to serve. In addition, I promote the creation of teams that are able to work autonomously. The goal is always to prepare people for the current and future realities of the working world."

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