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Global review


We are living in a transformative age. Rapidly advancing technology, globalization, the rise of the emerging markets and shifting demographics are changing business and society faster than ever before. Traditional business models are being upended, sectors are converging and work is becoming ever more complex. Disruption is the new normal and businesses are either disrupters or they are being disrupted.

At EY our purpose is Building a better working world. An important part of fulfilling our purpose is asking better questions. These questions help EY clients to discover better answers and navigate today’s dynamic landscape. To make sure we succeed, we are transforming ourselves at the same time – offering new services, creating new alliances, shaping the future of work for EY people and transforming how we support our communities.

Fulfilling our purpose requires building trust across society. Doing so requires business to be more transparent and to demonstrate the ways in which it creates value for all stakeholders. In this year’s Global Review you can learn about the exciting ways we’re changing and how we create value and build trust in this transformative age.