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Digital Grid Services (DGS) is a business-led, technology-powered solution, utilizing our partnership with Microsoft, to give utilities a simple way to manage their ecosystem of smart meters and IoT devices and maximize the data analytics they produce.

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How digital grid services drives more than technology

Around the world, the biggest challenge faced by utilities right now is transitioning to a digital energy world. But the radical changes and new capabilities required to transform successfully are simply overwhelming for many energy companies. This is why EY has developed Digital Grid Solutions (DGS), a flexible suite of services that supports utilities through every aspect of their digital transformation. DGS is based on EY’s experience of more than 50 smart meter and digital grid projects and built on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, ensuring utilities can be confident that its insights and its technological power are world-leading. 

DGS’s key differentiator from other solutions is its business-centric, agile approach. It targets the key business problems faced by clients to deliver fast results while reaping maximum value from technology investment. And EY’s flexible commercial models mean that utilities can leverage both capex and opex funding to both set up and operate DGS. DGS can be tailored to any utility and plugged in quickly, reducing downtime and disruption. It’s scalable and future proof, allowing utilities to quickly build new services based on emerging technologies. In this way, DGS is designed to solve the immediate operational challenges of the digital grid while positioning utilities for future success in a new energy world. 

Why should you choose DGS?

  • Access insights and experience from 50+ digital grid projects

    EY has rolled out more digital grid projects in more markets than any other organization. And we’ve packaged all of that knowledge and insight into a series of stackable services that enable your company to benefit from global leading practices.

  • Build value from your analytics

    The data generated by your smart meters and IoT devices has the potential to be your most valuable asset. Are you making the most of it? We’ll turn information into insights, helping reduce costs, improve customer relationships and develop new sources of revenue.

  • Transform fast with minimum disruption

    DGS is ready when you are. The “out-of-the-box” program can be plugged in and scaled up and down quickly, so you can avoid business downtime and reap rewards more quickly.

  • Technology that works with yours

    DGS takes a device-agnostic approach to the digital grid, allowing it to operate across different brands, devices and communication technologies to drive optimal performance across technologies.

  • Trusted collaboration with Microsoft

    When two of the world’s leading organizations join forces, the results are powerful. DGS is underpinned by Azure’s industry-leading cloud technology, featuring Azure IoT Hub, Azure Data Factory, Azure Machine Learning, Cortana Analytics and other tools designed specifically to improve performance of your digital grid devices.

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