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Today, technology is at the core of business change.

EY’s breadth of technology capabilities position us to help you transform at speed and achieve your strategic ambitions while respecting your risk tolerance.

Every organization’s needs are different. To succeed, you require innovative insight, business perspective, change expertise and appropriate consideration of relevant regulatory frameworks to drive growth, save costs and invest in tomorrow. Technology will play a critical role in your success and help you address critical initiatives such as efficiency aspirations, regulatory mandates, external threats or growth ambitions, efficiency aspirations, external threats or regulatory mandates.

Read on to learn more about our capabilities as well as our latest thinking about technology as transformative force and its impacts on the business environment.

How EY can help

  • Cybersecurity – Transform the cyber-resilience of your business with Security by Design
  • Data & Analytics  – Embedding analytics and augmented intelligence into the very core of your business processes
  • Service Delivery  – Ensuring your business receives the technology service it requires to drive your desired business outcomes
  • Technology Transformation  – Consider the necessary foundational technology that will allow your business to adapt and compete
Transformation is a continuous cycle, it is never complete, and companies will need to continually evolve their technology to meet customers’ changing expectations.

Jan Leitermann

Head Technology Consulting | Switzerland




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