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Now more than ever we need talented people from diverse backgrounds to help our clients. At EY, we embrace change by constantly bringing in new tools and technology to future-proof our people and our business.

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Accelerate your career with a Graduate position at EY!

Here at  EY, you will have the chance to build a truly exceptional experience. Through our coaching and training programs, you willl develop the skillsets you need to stay relevant today and in the future – all while building a network of colleagues, mentors, and leaders who will be on the journey with you at EY and beyond.  

Every year we hire Graduates within our different services lines: Consulting, Strategy and Transactions (incl. EY-Parthenon) and Financial Accounting Advisory Services. Learn more about the different services lines below.

We will invest in you. We will guide you. And we will support you along your journey at EY.

Throughout your career with EY you will be assigned a counselor who will work closely with you to ensure that your interests, skills and goals are aligned to the opportunities EY has to offer. You will also get a buddy assigned who will be your go-to person in the first couple of months to ensure you are onboarded successfully.

As a Graduate you will be part of our Nordic Induction Program where you will spend one week abroad together with all newly started Graduates in the Nordic countries. We will give you an introduction to our overall work methods and you will get the opportunity to quickly develop a network across borders.

Strategy and Transactions

In Strategy and Transactions our goal is to help clients achieve the best capital performance, deliver value to stakeholders and meet strategic corporate objectives. Buying, selling and reshaping are all fundamental elements of strategies to better optimize strategic, commercial, operational and financial performance.

In particular, we assess growth opportunities by identifying areas for revenue generation, market expansion and synergy capture. We help enable clients to increase value by evaluating potential future cash flows and identifying favorable funding options. We can also help clients avoid financial and regulatory risks by finding deal-breakers early and accelerate efforts by focusing on high-impact value drivers.

The strategic, economic, and social insights of EY empower our clients to make more informed decisions about managing their capital and transactions.

Within Strategy and Transactions, we have different service areas listed below incl. EY-Parthenon, which is a global strategy consultancy that is part of EY.


EY-Parthenon is a global strategy consultancy that is part of EY with more than 9,000 professionals focusing on a broad range of topics within Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Transformation, Corporate & Growth Strategy. At EY-Parthenon we work with Corporate and Private Equity (PE) clients to help them grow and reshape their portfolios and reinvent themselves to deliver value for the future.

With global connectivity and scale, our teams focus on Strategy Realized — assisting Corporates and PE clients in driving and executing on their M&A agenda. We apply the latest thinking, research, analytics and a hands-on approach to solve complex business matters.

Read more about EY-Parthenon.

Find your service area of interest:

  • Corporate Finance

    In the Corporate Finance team we assist companies achieve their strategic objectives through local or global mergers and acquisitions (M&A). We support company owners, private equity firms and corporate clients throughout the entire M&A process: from preparation of business plans, performing valuation, managing buyer contact, and ultimately planning deal- and negotiations tactics. We strive to be the preferred adviser in the market and are pleased that we have been awarded “Financial M&A Adviser of the Year”.

    Most recently we acquired Tofte & Company, a specialised tech M&A boutique, enabling us to be a leading adviser for technology companies.

  • Transaction Diligence

    You will get the opportunity to become a part of a dedicated team, which prepares financial analyses and gives transaction advice to the largest and most prominent clients, both nationally and internationally across both corporate and private equity firms.

    In our line of work, we prepare the financial due diligence in relation to mergers and acquisitions. We ensure that our clients get the best insight into the financial foundation that enable them to evaluate the company they wish to buy or sell. This includes assisting our clients understand business drivers through the use of analytics tools and advanced financial analyses.

    We are a strong and social team with great diversity in terms of education, nationality, and gender with a shared passion for financial analyses and advising clients.


  • Transaction, Strategy and Execution (EY-Parthenon)

    The Transaction Strategy and Execution team within EY-Parthenon advises clients across the M&A process on Tech/IT and Operations related aspects of M&A transactions including due diligence, negotiation support and integration/separation planning and execution, post-merger integration (PMI) etc. This means we have a very high degree of collaboration with clients and work at site to ensure a successful transaction, where we facilitate problem solving and conclude on the clients’ actual problems.

    Hence, what is special about working in our team is that we engage with a broad range of stakeholders from the CEO to the functional lead and that our projects are very different depending on the situation; a due diligence is highly structured and fast paced, where an integration project is people oriented and is dependent on the client. Additionally, within our Tech/IT offering, EY-Parthenon's Software Strategy Group (SSG) provides strategic advice for investors in the Software Economy, such as Product and Technology due diligence and software-oriented strategy and value creation services.

    Therefore, being part of the Transaction Strategy and Execution Team will expose you to a wide range of tasks in close collaboration with client as well as internal EY teams such as Corporate Finance, Valuation and Transaction Diligence teams, which provides you with a unique understanding of the end-to-end process and collaboration of a transaction.

  • Strategy (EY-Parthenon)

    In the EY-Parthenon Strategy Team we assist clients to develop corporate and growth strategies by providing in-depth market, competitor and customer insights. Our work revolves around business model strategies, portfolio strategy, value creation, digital transformation, commercial due diligence (buy and sell-side), and performance improvement. We serve a range of clients, both PE and corporates, across all sectors and work in close collaboration with executive management and company owners to create meaningful and long-lasting impact.

    When you join the EY-Parthenon Strategy team you will be an integral part of delivering value for our clients from day one, working closely together with the rest of the team. You will experience a steep learning curve driven by a multitude of different projects, tasks and sparring with experienced Consultants and Managers as well as significant exposure to Partners.

  • Valuation, Modeling and Economics

    In Valuation, Modelling and Economics (VME) our job is to lay the groundwork for strategic, commercial, investment and transaction-related decisions by combining an analytical financial competency set and an understanding of our client’s needs. Our overarching team (VME) is split into three sub-teams that have different areas of focus. Currently we have available graduate positions in all three sub-teams.

    • In Valuation, we perform high-quality valuations of companies and individual assets for transactional, corporate, regulatory, and accounting purposes. Our services typically stretch beyond the traditional DCF-model and involves projects where we perform business valuations, purchase price allocations, impairment tests and incentive and option scheme valuations. We assist our clients within a broad group of sectors advance their strategic and financial agenda in a complex environment that constantly evolves, which means that no days are the same at the office.
    • In Modelling, we principally work towards the green transition by helping enable the major Danish and international investment funds, institutional investors and developers make investment decisions within the renewable energy and power-to-x space. At our core, we develop complex financial models and detailed assessments and valuations of energy projects, often in combination with running M&A and debt financing processes. Further, we provide various financial modelling services for large corporates across real estate, consumer products and other sectors.
    • In Economics, we provide services within the fields of corporate finance, debt and financial advisory, investment modelling, public-private partnerships, public infrastructure projects, risk analysis valuation and investor advise for both infrastructure and real estate investments. Our work is typically related to financial advisory on some of the largest real estate and infrastructure projects in Denmark and the Nordics. We feel highly motivated to create success by advising clients in investment decisions on projects large enough to make an actual difference and create a better tomorrow.

    As part of VME, you will develop professional skills within corporate finance, develop an international network across the Nordics and become an expert in advising clients on their strategic and financial agendas. Moreover, you will get a broad toolbox that includes the ability to prepare complex excel models and in-depth analyses of various companies, sectors and markets.

OBS! We strongly encourage you to only apply for one Graduate position at EY within the competency area you are most interested in. We will evaluate and consider you for every available position within our Graduate process. If you apply for more positions, you need to complete every step in the recruitment process for every position that you have applied for.


In Consulting, we are building a better working world by transforming businesses through the power of people, technology, and innovation. By placing humans at the center, leveraging technology at speed, and enabling innovation at scale, our clients are transforming to realize long-term value for people, business and society at whole.

Consulting is divided into two sub-service areas: Business Consulting and Technology Consulting. Within both sub-service areas, you get the opportunity to accelerate your skills within management consulting.

Financial Services Organization

Across Consulting, we have a group that specializes in advising clients within the financial services sector. They are specialized in advising financial services clients in performance improvement, risk management, innovation, and end-to-end transformations. This is done across the different services areas in Consulting.

In the following, you will find a brief description of the service areas within Business Consulting and Technology Consulting.

Business Consulting

Working within Business Consulting at EY means imaging, designing, leading and delivering end-to-end transformations for our clients. This is important to our clients, as the world of business is constantly changing. Business Consulting is divided into different competency areas where you will be able to unfold your passion.

  • Enterprise Risk

    Enterprise Risk supports clients that transform their risk practices. From developing new governance models to identifying and addressing key risk areas. We leverage technology and integrate risks to drive strategic value, build and maintain trust in a rapidly changing risk landscape. We perform internal audits, develop audit plans, assist companies with risk transformation projects and Third-Party Risk Management. We work closely with Audit Committees, CAEs, Head of Internal Audits, CFOs, CROs and other key C-suite stakeholders. We support clients with new and emerging risks including ESG.

  • Finance Consulting

    In Finance Consulting, you will be working closely with CFOs and finance functions in large and international companies. We help our clients drive transformative agendas, that improves performance, effectiveness and embraces advances in technology and processes. Central to our work is a strong focus on people, systems, and processes in finance.

  • Financial Services Business Transformation

    In Financial Services Business Transformation you will be part of a dedicated team with strong collaboration with other Nordic countries and you’ll take advantage of our global connectivity and scale to drive long-term value for our clients. We connect our people’s talent with the latest innovation, unlocking the combined power of people and technology.

    Our capabilities include a wide variety of traditional management consulting skills such as project- and program management, customer experience design and implementation, stakeholder and change management, process optimization, organizational design, target operating models and many others. We work closely with our colleagues focusing on tech, compliance, finance, sustainability among many and the purpose of Business Transformation is to orchestrate large transformation projects by bringing the right people and skills together to deliver the best possible outcome for our clients.

    Our industry knowledge and sector know-how in Banking & Capital Markets, Insurance and Wealth & Asset Management will benefit you, as you’ll build trusted relationships with high-profile, global financial services clients. This not only drives better outcomes for our clients but helps you to evolve your career and skillsets too.

  • People Advisory Services

    In the People Advisory Services team, we help clients harness their people agenda – the right people, with the right capabilities, in the right place, for the right cost, doing the right things. We help our clients gain a competitive advantage, working with them to cultivate impactful people, human resources, and organizational alignment across all critical business functions. Some of our projects include developing strategy for a futureproof HR, workforce planning and people analytics, sourcing and implementing HR technology, designing diversity and cultural initiatives, and managing and communicating change. 

    The world continues to change as a result of developments in globalization, demographics, technology and regulation. These disruptive forces require organizations and their people to change rapidly. At the same time, it’s getting harder to source, manage, motivate, and retain talent while controlling costs. As consultants, we collaborate with management to drive workforce solutions and transformations that address complex people-related challenges, and ultimately improve and drive sustainable business results.

  • Risk Management & Actuarial Services

    The scope in our risk and actuarial services range from risk management services in financial services (e.g., Credit- and Market Risk, FinCrime, quantitative analysis, prudential regulation and financial risk and regulatory compliance) to actuarial services (e.g., advanced analytics, life- and non-life and pensions actuarial consulting). Typically, candidates have a master’s degree within finance, economics, law, mathematics, statistics, or actuarial mathematics. 

  • Strategy & Transformation

    In the Strategy & Transformation team we drive both smaller and larger transformation projects where we focus on strategy development and strategy implementation. In these projects you will develop a wide range of skills such as structured problem-solving, client engagement, presentation techniques, workshop facilitation, and project management. If you join the Strategy & Transformation team, you will be part of a Nordic team working together across different sectors, and you will be engaged in projects across many different industries such as pharmaceutics, automotive, infrastructure and consumer goods to create long-term value as a trusted advisor.

    We are operating in a business world that is constantly changing, and it is essential that companies adapt their strategies and find better and more sustainable solutions to stay relevant. We help our clients see what’s next and turn today’s ambiguity into tomorrow’s opportunity. As transformation architects, we are part of a larger community of EY colleagues specialized in strategic analysis, innovation, and design thinking, all working together to tackle our clients’ transformative growth challenges. By helping our clients translate visions and strategy into goals and concrete actions, whilst ensuring efficient execution and change management, we can help them optimize their capabilities, drive sustainable growth and ensure long-term profitability.

    We value personal development, strong social belonging and get together for dinners, team workshops and other fun activities in addition to the many social events and trips planned for all in Consulting. 

  • Supply Chain & Operations

    In Supply Chain & Operations, we build, develop and transform supply chains to be capable of handling the increasing volatility in today’s business environments. Delivering the right product, at the right time, in the right quantities and at the right place, is becoming increasingly complex for organizations. It requires leading technologies, processes and know-how to function properly. We utilize these levers to transform entire supply chains, making them more sustainable and agile, in order to meet future customer demands.

    We do so by analyzing and evaluating current operations and potentials across strategy, planning, procurement, manufacturing, logistics and distribution while optimizing and implementing digital enablers and technologies. We facilitate and realize transformational journeys both locally and globally to help our clients increase sales, become more cost competitive, reduce risk, and enhance operational resilience – but most importantly we help our clients become more sustainable.

    If you are driven by transforming yesterday’s traditional supply chains and operations into tomorrow’s sustainable supply chains, then our Supply Chain & Operations team is the place for you.

  • Technology Risk

    Technology Risk helps clients build trust by providing independent assurance on technology, software, processes or controls. In our day-to-day work we support our colleagues from the financial audit teams, we provide assurance reports to companies, and we help businesses comply with legislation within IT security and GDPR. We have a diverse team; however, most of our people have an educational background from cand.merc., cand.merc.aud. or and have then adapted to either the IT or the audit perspective.

Technology Consulting

In Technology Consulting, we help our clients improve performance, manage risk and drive innovation by improving technological solutions. We believe that getting the technology right can be the start or the end point of a transformation. We work in areas like digital transformation and strategy, IT sourcing and cloud, intelligent automation, data & analytics and emerging technologies.

In order to deliver the best technological solutions to our clients, we search for Graduates with various backgrounds spanning from data engineers, data scientists and mathematical strong profiles. You might have a master’s degree within IT, e-business, risk management, cybersecurity, cand.merc.math, computer science or digital innovation and management.

  • Cybersecurity

    Insufficient focus on cyber security is one of the most significant risks organizations are facing today. Most organizations rely on technology to drive business strategy and growth, where systems and processes are increasingly interconnected and automated. As the dependency on technology grows, so does cybersecurity risks for all companies across all sectors, and it is critical that it is on all professionals’ agenda. In Cybersecurity we work closely with several EY competency areas to accommodate for the current threat landscape from all perspectives. 

    We have ambitious plans to keep expanding our growing Cybersecurity practice and are looking for skilled individuals to join our team who are passionate about Cybersecurity and who want to be part of developing EY's services in the area. By joining us now, you will be part of our exciting journey to become the best Cybersecurity team in the Nordics. We are especially focusing on developing our competencies within cloud security, Identity Access Management, technical project leadership and OT/IoT. 

  • Data & Analytics

    We assist clients spanning across all sectors to transform their firms into data-driven organizations where trusted intelligence is embedded in daily operations. Our approach to achieve this is to infuse Data and Analytics and AI in the delivery of every project, solution, and asset. Within the team we cover several different competences for which we are hiring. Those areas comprise:

    • Data Science 
    • Data Engineering 
    • Data Architecture 
    • Data Visualization 
    • Data Strategy
    • Intelligent automation (NLP, RPA, …)

  • Digital & Emerging Technologies

    In Digital & Emerging Tech, we have a strong team with competencies across Microsoft’s Platforms and technologies. We are looking for colleagues that are interested in being part of our integrated service team and joining the journey of helping our customers create business value through IT.   

    We work closely with clients who are digital leaders in their industry, helping them in various business functions such as Marketing, Sales, Customer Services, Fields Service, Finance, Operation and Talent – from reviewing the current digital state and performing technology assessments to developing the overall business and customer strategy, and performing platform customizations to ensure a productive and meaningful usage of the technology investments.  

    We are looking for a broad range of profiles who can become our future functional consultants or developers in our team.  

  • Technology Solutions Delivery

    In Technology Solution Delivery, we provide technology-enabled programs that meet our clients’ unique challenges. We translate strategic needs into action and oversee execution activities to ensure that the intended outcome is achieved from end-to-end SAP enabled business transformations. In addition to SAP S/4HANA, we also work with a broad suite of related system required for clients to meet their business ambitions and objectives in a technology and data driven world.  

  • Technology Transformation

    In our Technology Transformation team, we work directly to address the CIO and CTO agenda. Throughout the last decade, there has been an increase in customers’ expectations for greater access to technology products and services; user-centric, mobile, agile, data-driven and sustainability tools and skillsets are just a few of the capabilities that every organization needs to enable. To enable these, we work with digital leaders to ensure first-class technology strategies and operating models. We include program and project execution competencies and tools to mitigate uncertainties in order to deliver tangible, technology-driven business value to our clients.

Application process in Consulting

The application process consists of the following steps:  

  1. Application: Upload your resume along with the latest copy of your grade transcript.

  2. Cognitive test and on-demand video interview: Following your submission you will receive a link to our online cognitive tests which take approximately 10 minutes to complete. 

    After completing the cognitive tests, you will receive an invitation to our on-demand video interview. Set aside approximately 15 minutes to complete this as well. 

    When step 1 and 2 are done, we consider your application as complete, and we’ll move forward with you in the screening process.

  3. Personal interviews: Selected candidates will be invited to two rounds of face-to-face interviews including one case interview. 

OBS! We strongly encourage you to only apply for one Graduate position at EY within the competency area you are most interested in. We will evaluate and consider you for every available position within our Graduate process. If you apply for more positions, you need to complete step 1 and 2 for every position that you have applied for – and we only evaluate candidates that has completed the steps described above.

Financial Accounting Advisory Services

In Financial Accounting Advisory Services (FAAS) in Denmark, we are more than 70 employees determined to help creating a better working world in an increasingly more complex setting. Our specialists work with a myriad of different assignments from protecting clients’ integrity by conducting fraud investigations to assisting with initial public offerings (IPO’s). We are also industry leaders in establish procedures and measuring KPI’s for sustainability reporting.

Our clients vary from small family-owned business to publicly listed global companies and includes both public- and private-sector companies in almost any industry. This variety provides you as a graduate with unique learning opportunities, where no two days are alike.

By contributing with our specialist knowledge, the combined FAAS team supports our clients with establishing integrity, departing on the sustainable journey, and fulfilling the CFO’s agenda.

In FAAS, our three different service areas are part of a common social and commercial structure. The team has a vast variety of different backgrounds, which is crucial for us to provide better solutions for increasingly more complex problems.

In FAAS, the average employee is young, which brings a fresh vibe to the team dynamic. Hard work is accompanied by social events – a combination that we believe, is the perfect recipe for great success and long-lasting friendships.

FAAS’ services are divided into three service areas. Please find the area of your interest. We very much hope to get you on-board.

Find your service area of interest:

  • Core Financial Accounting Advisory Services

    EY’s FAAS teams support our clients with determining, monitoring, and disclosing financial and nonfinancial insights for their stakeholders. FAAS addresses the CFO’s agenda and provides CFOs, controllers, treasurers and audit committees with insight and services to support compliance with evolving financial requirements and help provide transparency and trust in reporting to support better decision-making. We also help to support finance functions with robust financial data analytics and innovation and support processes of IPOs.

    Our services cover a wide range of accounting and reporting, transaction accounting, treasury, and corporate governance services that can make our clients’ businesses meet changing market conditions, demands for greater transparency and changing regulatory requirements.

    Hence our field of work, we are primarily looking for graduates within the field of Accounting, Economics, Finance, Mathematics, or related discipline.

    If it sounds exciting, read more

  • Forensic & Integrity Services

    Successful organizations depend on their reputation for keeping promises, respecting laws and behaving ethically to maintain stakeholder trust. Therefore, we help organizations protect and restore enterprise and financial reputation. We assist companies and their legal counsel to investigate facts, resolve disputes and manage regulatory challenges. We put integrity at the heart of compliance programs to help better manage ethical and reputational risks.

    In Forensic & Integrity Services we help mitigate the lose of trust by advising on the implementation of internal controls, conducting stakeholder due diligence, and advising on data safety. Besides helping to mitigate, we are also capable of leading forensic investigations to uncover the true course of action. This is done by, for example, restoring and securing data such as e-mails and chat correspondences to search for signs of planned fraud.  

    Our assistance also includes “Anti-Social Dumping measurements, support for the Danish Judicial system as expert witnesses, investigative tasks internally for our clients, and much more.

    Hence our field of work, we are primarily looking for graduates within the field of economics, finance and/or law, e.g.: cand.merc.(aud.), cand.pol., cand.merc.(jur.), cand.merc.(ibp.), cand.polit, cand.jur. or similar.

    If it sounds exciting, read more

  • Climate Change and Sustainability Services

    In order to survive and grow in an increasingly competitive and accountable business environment, organizations are required to report not only on their financial performance, but also their nonfinancial performance.

    Ignoring sustainability, environmental, health and safety (EHS) and climate change risks and stakeholder concerns around these issues is no longer an option. While CFOs may not have traditionally led the way, they are increasingly expected to play a more active role.

    EY’s Climate Change and Sustainability Services (CCaSS) team understands the evolving pressure surrounding these challenges. As a result, we help companies respond by understanding and evaluating the broader value impacts and outcomes, identifying the opportunities, and supporting the reporting of nonfinancial performance risks to their stakeholders.

    If it sounds exciting, read more

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