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Now more than ever, we need talented people from diverse backgrounds to help our clients. At EY, we embrace change by constantly bringing in new tools and technology to future-proof our people and our business.

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Are you driven by complex challenges and the chance to make a meaningful impact on society's development? Do you aspire to enhance both your professional and personal skills in a supportive and inspiring environment? If so, EY is the ideal choice to kickstart your career!

Our purpose at EY is “Building a better working world”, a driving force for all of us who are part of this organization. This commitment extends to every aspect - our clients and projects, career growth opportunities, technology, and methodologies. It's deeply ingrained in our organizational culture, which places a strong emphasis on social responsibility.

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Our Induction Program

Your initial encounter with EY as a new graduate is the Nordic Induction Program in August. This program serves as your introduction to the potential dynamics of everyday working life and provides an opportunity to foster deeper connections with your new colleagues across the Nordics. We invest significant effort in customizing the program to ensure it becomes an engaging and enriching experience for our new colleagues.

Buddy and Counselor

All graduates are assigned a “Buddy” and “Counselor” to provide support during the onboarding and beyond. They will help each graduate transition into their role and making sure that our new hires are having an exceptional onboarding experience!

Buddy – your trusted companion and mentor Counselor – your career counselor
  • Your go-to resource in the initial weeks
  • Assists in your assimilation into EY
  • Addresses general inquiries
  • Facilitates introductions among colleagues to expand your network
  • Guides you through your first 90 days
  • Assists in shaping your development, goals, plans, and activities
  • Helps you manage and evaluate your performance throughout the year
  • Conducts career discussions and provides feedback

Our hybrid working model

At EY, we place a strong emphasis on flexibility, catering to individual needs and client requirements. Recognizing that one size does not fit all, we have implemented a Hybrid Working Model. This model prioritizes freedom and flexibility and is grounded in trust and transformative leadership skills. Our aim is to create a flexible and inclusive workplace by providing the right technology, office spaces, and work arrangements. We believe that how and where we work should be guided by our clients' needs and our commitment to fostering a modern work culture that nurtures our people's development.

Recruitment process adjustments

EY is committed to removing systemic barriers to inclusion and improving the employment prospects of people with disabilities. We want you to thrive in the recruitment process and to have an inclusive and equitable experience with us. For this reason, we therefore encourage you to share with us any adjustments you may require or information that may help us to ensure you are able to equitably participate in the recruitment process.

EY recognizes that a person’s disability is as unique as their fingerprints and therefore recruitment process adjustments are unique to your needs.

When you make a request for an adjustment by sending an email us, we would like to hear:

  • What kind of adjustment do you need?
  • How will that support you in the recruitment process?

We do not need to know the reason or disability behind the adjustment so concentrate on the preferred adjustment, and how it can help you to show your full potential in the recruitment process.

If you are successful in obtaining an offer to join EY, we welcome another discussion about how we can best support you to thrive in your new role.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have questions about our graduate positions at EY? You will likely find answers and more information below:

  • When is the expected start date?

    For all our available graduate positions, the start date is typically in mid-August. Please note that we often hire individuals one year in advance.

  • With what kind of academic background can I apply?

    We value personality and a diverse set of skills to fit into our various teams, rather than a specific academic background. We pay close attention to hiring individuals with diverse educational backgrounds, as our business thrives on different perspectives. However, relevant educational backgrounds can be advantageous in certain contexts, and requirements regarding academic background may vary between our teams.

  • I have already graduated; can I still apply?

    There is no right or wrong profile for our graduate positions. If you graduated this year or previous years, you can still apply. However, if you have more than one year of full-time work experience, you will be too experienced and might consider applying for a more senior role within EY.

    You can see our experienced job ads here.

  • I have a few years of experience; can I still apply?

    If you have more than one year of full-time work experience, you will be too experienced for our graduate positions and might consider applying for a more senior role within EY. You can see our experienced job ads here.

  • I only hold a bachelor’s degree; can I still apply?

    There is no right or wrong profile for our graduate positions. We’re seeking competencies rather than people with specific educational backgrounds. If you only hold a bachelor’s degree and are looking for your first full-time job, you can still apply.

  • Can I apply to more than one role?

    We highly recommend that you read carefully about all our different graduate opportunities and make yourself aware what is of your biggest interest before applying, and then only applying for the one position that corresponds the most with your interest. In our recruitment process, we will consider you for all available positions within EY. If you find it difficult to limit yourself, you can still apply for more positions at a time, but please be aware that you will need to submit a separate application for each role you are applying for and complete the application process for every role (assessment, video interview etc). If you don’t complete the full application process for a role, you will not be taken into consideration for that role.

  • I am an international student; can I still apply?

    Yes. We hire graduates with a lot of different backgrounds. No matter what country, university, or course you are following, you can still apply. However, please be aware that you need to move to Denmark before starting as a graduate in Denmark. As an employee you will need to have a Danish social security number and a Danish bank account. If you get hired, we will assist you with this. 

  • I am not fluent in Danish; can I still apply?

    For most of our graduate position, it is not a criterion, that you are fluent in Danish, but please familiarize yourself with the specific qualifications on the job ad. In most of our teams, we have international employees hired, so we are used to speaking English with our colleagues.

  • Where do I find your open graduate positions?

    The easiest way for you the get the full overview of our available positions, is to visit our career page and filter for positions in Denmark.


  • Do you have other student opportunities in EY?

    We have a lot of different student opportunities – everything from workshops, local and global case competitions, networking groups, company visits and mentoring programs. You can also read more about our different graduate opportunities.

  • Is it possible to start as a student assistant before joining as a Graduate?

    Yes, at most times. We often offer people to start as student assistants a few months before they start as a graduate, but it depends on the business need and your desire. 

  • I would like to apply for a position outside of Denmark. How do I go about this?

    All opportunities outside of Denmark are managed by our offices in that location, and therefore we cannot assist with that. Please visit our global website to find the current vacancies and contact details for jobs based abroad.

  • Application process

    • What documents should I upload?

      When you apply, please make sure to upload your CV and a copy of your latest transcript. For some positions you may also include a motivational letter, but that is rare. The mandatory documents are always listed in the job ad.

    • What happens once EY receive my application?

      Once we receive your application, we’ll send you a confirmation email. For most of our application processes, next steps will be for you to complete our cognitive assessment or an on-demand video interview. If the assessment or video interview is part of the process, you will receive a link to complete this within few days after submitting your application.

    • How do I prepare myself for the cognitive assessment?

      Our cognitive assessment is an online gamified assessment that consist of two different game challenges. The games are time-limited, and each game only takes a few minutes to complete (8 minutes in total).

      You can take the assessment whenever the time is right for you, but please be aware that you need to complete the assessment within one week after you have received the link as the test link will expire after 7 days. Finally, make sure to find a nice and quiet place where you won’t be disturbed.

    • I need more days to complete the assessment, what do I do?

      If you cannot make it before the test link expires, please reach out to the contact details provided in the email you have received and let the recruiting team know that you need more time to complete our assessment.

    • When can I expect to receive the link to the assessment/video interview?

      You will receive an email with a link to either the assessment or the video interview within one week after submitting your application. Please be patient as it might take some days before you receive the link. 

    • I am experiencing technical difficulties with the assessment, what should I do?

      To ensure that you are able to complete you game assessment without encountering any issues, such as compromised display, please proceed with the games via any of the three options for success described here. If that’s still not fixing your issue, please contact the Support Center.

    • How do I prepare myself for the video interview?

      Our video interview is a replacement for the written motivational letter and thus gives you a unique opportunity to introduce yourself in a more personal way. The interview usually consists of 3 questions that covers your motivation for applying the position and can be completed at your convenience. 

      Once you are ready to complete the video interview, please open the link provided in the email. You will then see one question at a time and be given 30 seconds after reading the question to think about and prepare your response. You will then have two minutes to respond to each individual question.

      You will have two attempts per question to ensure you are comfortable with your final response.  

    • I am experiencing technical difficulties with the video interview, what should I do?

      If you have any technological issues, reference the Yello troubleshooting guides that are provided along the way within the site. If you continue to have issues, please call the Yello technical support desk available 24/7 at 312-517-3232.

    • When will I receive a response on my application?

      We strive to get back to everyone as soon as possible after the application deadline. Please expect up to 2 weeks response time.

  • Interview process

    • How should I prepare for the interview?

      If you are invited for a personal interview, please bring an excited and happy vibe.

      For some interview processes, you must prepare a case or a short presentation about a self-selected topic. We will of course let you know in a timely manner. 

    • What kind of questions are asked during interviews?

      You should prepare for questions regarding your motivation and areas of interest, teamwork, and social skills, and maybe we will ask you about your strengths and weaknesses.

    • Do you use cases in your interviews?

      For most of our graduate positions, we use cases. Usually, our cases simulate what kind of work you would be doing as a graduate, so you are prepared for what to expect.

    • When will I receive a response on my interview?

      We strive to get back to everyone as soon as possible after the interview has been held, but the final response time depends on how many people we have called for an interview. In most cases, you will be notified within a week.

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