Bliv konsulent i Tax & Law

Har du en særlig interesse for skatteretlig og juridisk rådgivning, og kunne du tænke dig at kickstarte din karriere som rådgiver i et af verdens førende konsulenthuse?

Kvinde sidder i stol og arbejder på pc

Er du ambitiøs, og kunne du tænke dig at hjælpe virksomheder med at holde styr på deres lokale og globale skattemæssige og juridiske forpligtelser? 

Som konsulent i Tax & Law får du mulighed for at opbygge enestående erfaringer inden for forskellige kompetenceområder med start til august 2024.

Vi inviterer dig til at tage del af vores erfaring, viden og forretningsindsigt, og vi glæder os til at hjælpe dig med at få succes i din karriere og udfolde dit potentiale.

Dine muligheder hos EY

Som konsulent i Tax & Law får du muligheden for at opbygge en spændende karriere og prøve kræfter af i et internationalt miljø. Det er vigtigt for os, at du får muligheden for at udforske dit potentiale, samt udvikle dine personlige og faglige færdigheder, således du kan være med til at gøre en forskel inden for en bred vifte af skattemæssige og juridiske forretningsområder – både i dag og i fremtiden. Du bliver en del af et stærkt fællesskab med dygtige kollegaer, der hjælper dig på vej til at opnå det, du drømmer om. 

Tax & Law hos EY

Virksomheder kan nemt fare vild i deres skatter og juridiske forpligtelser i en tid med hurtige forandringer. Det er måske ikke virksomhedernes stærke side, men det er det for vores rådgivere i Tax & Law. Vi kombinerer vores enestående viden og erfaring med de mennesker og teknologiplatforme, der gør os til en ideel partner for vores kunders skattemæssige og juridiske behov. 

 Som det største skatteretlige og juridiske rådgivningshus i Danmark hjælper vi vores kunder med at holde styr på deres lokale og globale skattemæssige og juridiske forpligtelser, så de kan fokusere på deres forretningsmæssige mål. 

Vores skatte- og juridiske team arbejder internationalt på forskellige, højprofilerede kunder. Vores professionalisme og kundeorienterede forretningsforståelse er med til at løse vores kunders skattemæssige og juridiske problemstillinger på en hurtig og effektiv måde.

Læs om vores specifikke fagområder og afdelinger herunder.

  • Business Tax Services (BTS)

    BTS is a team with a wide range of assignments within the area of Danish Corporate Tax and Personal Tax advisory and compliance.

    All companies with taxable activities in Denmark, regardless of size, have several tax compliance obligations with which we assist, as well as advisory related to these obligations, structuring etc. The same goes for persons with tax liability to Denmark, to whom we assist with complying with Danish reporting obligations and advice on structuring of assets etc.

    The primary tasks of the BTS team are to assist companies or persons with:

    • Assistance with tax accounting/provision and tax compliance
    • National- and international corporate taxation
    • Analysis and advice related to various depreciation and deduction rules (operating equipment, leasehold improvements, properties, leasing, research and development costs, limited Interest deduction rules etc.)
    • Tax Governance (tax sustainability)
    • DAC6
    • Restructurings (successions, merger, demerger, transfer of assets and exchange of shares)
    • Establishment and registration in Denmark (permanent establishment etc.)
    • Liquidation
    • Gain/loss on sale of property or stocks
    • Advice on cross-border activities
    • Advice on tax liability (non-residents, self-employed persons, employees etc.)
    • Advice on employee benefits (transportation- and travel reimbursement, company car, gifts etc.)
    • Tax controversies/disputes (resumptions, complaints, binding rulings etc.)
    • Tonnage tax
    • Business tax scheme
    • International personal tax advice (secondments, expat tax regime, take up residence or exit taxation, social security contributions etc.)
    • Principal shareholders tax and masked distribution
    • International business- and corporate tax (structuring, withholding taxes and CFC-tax)
    • Real estate taxation
    • Remission of debt
    • Global mobility, payroll and e-income
    • Estate planning and taxation (testament/will and inheritance)
    • Tax on cryptocurrencies (bitcoin etc.)
    • Advising on how proposed tax legislation could impact our clients, e.g., how groups could be impacted on the anticipated global minimums taxation

    Overall, our team has a very broad range of knowledge and specializes within many different areas, which provides the opportunity for our team members to engage with many different types of tasks.

    Therefore, in BTS we are a very diverse team consisting of approximately 65 employees allocated in offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg, Esbjerg, Sønderborg, Vejle, Odense and Herning, where collaboration across offices is highly valued.

  • Financial Services Tax (FS Tax)

    EY’s FS Tax team assist all types of clients operating within the financial services sector on managing tax and VAT affairs. The team is the largest tax team in Denmark dedicated to the financial services industry and consist of 17 highly specialized employees that covers all areas within International Tax, M&A, Compliance, Reporting and VAT and other indirect taxes. We support clients across wealth- and asset management, private equity, banking, pension and insurance. We work closely together with colleagues from financial services Consulting and Assurance.

    In FS Tax we experience responsibility, and a steep learning curve from day one. The team has a strong focus on interdisciplinarity and teamwork.

    We are a strong and ambitious team that, in addition to our work life, do a lot of social things together. We embrace individual flexibility, a flat hierarchy, and an informal tone in the way we work. Further, we have a great diversity in terms of age, gender, nationality, and education. Common for us all is a shared passion for financial tax areas.

  • Global Reporting and Compliance (GCR)

    In our GCR team you will get the opportunity to become a part of a combined multi-function team divided into 9 overall areas, working with clients ranging from the small and medium companies to large international enterprise companies.

    • GCR Core – Service Management
    • Statutory Reporting (financial statements)
    • Direct Tax Compliance/Corporate Income Tax (CIT)
    • Payroll Operate
    • Interim finance & transformation (Accounting, controlling & CFO Services)
    • Accounting Services and Bookkeeping
    • Technology and Digitalization
    • VAT/GST Compliance
    • Tax Accounting

    Our globally coordinated EY professionals offer connected services across all finance disciplines to help you thrive in an era of rapid change. We combine our knowledge and experience with the people and technology platforms that make us an organization of choice for client’s finance and tax-related needs.

    The team is consisting of +80 employees located in DK in Aarhus, Odense, Esbjerg, Aalborg, Kolding and Copenhagen and abroad in India and UK with more than 5 nationalities.

  • Indirect Tax

    Great things are happening within in the field of Indirect Taxes! Both in the form of new legislation, new taxes/duties, and new practice – but also to a large extent in the shape of increased digitization and use of data.

    The primary tasks of the Indirect Tax team are to assist companies fulfil their regulatory requirements cost-effectively, so they can focus on growing their business.

    Examples of our tasks are:

    • General and tailored advice covering excise duties, VAT and customs duties;
    • Indirect Tax controversy assistance during audits, disputes or similar with the Danish tax authorities;
    • Indirect Tax advice in an M&A advisory and structuring context;
    • Indirect Tax advice on a global scale in collaboration with colleagues all over the world;
    • Indirect Tax compliance, hereunder reporting to the authorities, registration of companies, and projects on design and implementation of VAT technologies and ERP systems;

    We provide our customers with quality advice, practical assistance, and optimization of processes to help improve their daily operations, reduce errors and costs, and help them manage indirect taxes efficiently.

    Our team consists of approximately 35 employees located in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense and Aalborg.

  • Integrated Mobility / People Advisory Services (PAS)

    The work environment is changing significantly these days and employees are working from everywhere and the work is more and more coming to the talents rather than the talents traveling for a job. This change in the workforce is making mobility related advice critical for the businesses and their employees. If you are interested in advising multinational businesses on the corporate challenges triggered by a global workforce, their employees’ taxation, immigration and social security relations when working remotely/travelling or with the design and implementation of share-based remuneration programs (and much more) then the Integrated Mobility team within People Advisory Services is the place to work.

    In People Advisory Services we are more than 90 ambitious advisors placed in Odense, Aarhus and Copenhagen. We are daily providing advice to Danish and multinational clients within national and international taxation, share programs, social security, and immigration in connection with work across borders.

    When working at PAS you are daily in contact with companies, expats, and the authorities. You are a part of a Partnership with the clients and by this creating strong and valuable relationship with our clients becoming a trusted advisor.

    The primary tasks within the PAS team are to assist companies with:

    • Personal taxation and international social security in connection with working in Denmark and as an expat from Denmark
    • Relevant complications in connection with business travellers
    • Travel policies
    • Taxation of employer benefits
    • Global immigration services
    • Design and implementation of share-based remuneration and related services
    • Tax calculations and preliminary tax assessment / tax cards
    • Danish personal tax returns and tax assessments

    There is never a day alike within the PAS team.

  • International Tax and Transaction Services (ITTS)

    In ITTS you will get the opportunity to become part of a dedicated and engaging team, working with some of the largest and most prominent international enterprises as well as a large range of other Danish and international corporations and Private Equity houses.

    Our teams are diverse and international with more than 40 employees located in Aarhus, Odense, Copenhagen, and India and more than 8 different nationalities working within the Transfer Pricing team, and more than 35 employees located in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg and Odense working within the International Tax and Transaction team.

    We are in contact with both clients and colleagues from countries all over the world on a daily basis, assisting within the areas of Transaction tax & International Tax Services and Transfer pricing.

    International Tax & Transaction Services

    Transaction tax has in the last couple of years been more important than ever. With two record breaking years on the M&A market in 2021 and 2022, the companies being more focused on globalization and the Tax Authorities being more observant and a significantly evolving global taxation landscape, it is important that the ITTS team assists our clients with amongst other:

    • Tax due diligence of Danish and foreign companies from both a buyside and a sell side perspective;
    • Coordination and project management between Danish and foreign tax teams;
    • Tax structuring including tax optimization to secure that the current company structure or the company structure to come is most favorable for our clients when considering the business setup;
    • Assist with fundraising of venture capital funds from a tax perspective; and
    • Funds flow to secure that the cash flow and non-cash flow between the buyer and the seller is handled correctly and paid in time.

    Overall, we assist our clients in making the process of buying/selling a company as smooth as possible as well as assisting on analysing impact from new tax legislation and assisting with necessary changes to the structure of the organization.

    Transfer pricing

    Transfer pricing has become a hot topic for tax authorities, international organizations, and multinational companies all over the world. Large multinational companies are required to conduct intercompany transactions at arm’s length pricing according to the Danish legislation, which is based on the OECD Transfer Pricing guidelines. The primary tasks of the transfer pricing team are to assist companies with:

    • transfer pricing compliance, i.e., documenting that their intercompany transactions are at arm’s length;
    • transfer pricing audit disputes with the Danish tax authorities;
    • general transfer pricing advice, operational transfer pricing and pricing policies; and
    • Mutual Agreement Procedures (MAP) and Advance Pricing Agreements (APA).

    All in all, we help our clients navigate safely in a complex transfer pricing environment on a global scale.

  • Law

    In Law we help our clients navigate the increasingly complex legal environment of the global economy by providing legal assistance with a multidisciplinary, one-stop shop approach. We have colleagues in almost every country and ensures efficient services around the world to all clients, being physical persons, small national companies or large global groups.

    In Denmark, we have specialized lawyers and legal advisors, within the following areas:

    • M&A / Corporate Law
    • Real estate
    • Intellectual property law
    • Data privacy / GDPR
    • Employment Law
    • IT / Contracts
    • ESG
    • Private Law
    • Insolvency Law
    • Financial Services

    We aim to reduce the gap between our clients, business advisors and legal counsels. We do so by taking the time to understand our clients’ needs and providing proactive assistance.

    Our team consists of more than 40 employees located all around Denmark, with the primary hubs in Copenhagen and Aarhus. We are a team with an informal tone who believe in having fun at work, while delivering the best services to our clients.

Konsulent – Tax & Law

Vi har lukket for ansøgningsprocessen.

Det kan vi tilbyde

  • Livslang læring: Vi investerer konstant i din udvikling og hjælper dig på vej til at udvikle de færdigheder, der skal til for at imødekomme enhver udfordring, bl.a. via løbende feedback, intern uddannelse, samt oplæring i forskellige arbejdsopgaver og on-the-job training, projekt for projekt.  
  • Mangfoldig og inkluderende kultur: Som konsulent får du tilknyttet en buddy, som sikrer dig en god start i dit nye job – både arbejdsmæssigt og socialt. Endvidere får du en counselor, som hjælper dig med din faglige udvikling igennem hele din karriere. 
  • Fleksibilitet og work-life balance: To dage er sjældent ens, hverken på arbejdet eller derhjemme og vi ved, det kan være svært at balancere det hele på en gang. Hos os vil du opleve stor fleksibilitet ift. hjemmearbejde, da vi tror på, at vores medarbejdere er i stand til at tilrettelægge arbejdsdagen på egen måde og stadig nå i mål med det, der forventes. 
  • Tillid og ansvar: Vi giver dig et solidt fundament for at vokse med jobbet, og du vil relativt hurtigt få mulighed for at påtage dig opgaver for vores kunder. Din udvikling er i fokus, og du er i høj grad med til at sætte farten på de udfordringer og ansvar, du pålægges. 
  • Bredt netværk: Som konsulent inden for vores Tax & Law forretning, får du adgang til et bredt netværk på tværs af norden og globalt. Du vil komme til at opleve et tæt samarbejde imellem vores afdelinger på de danske kontorer, og opgaver kan derfor som udgangspunkt løses fra de fleste af vores danske kontorer. 

Det vi søger

  • Du er interesseret i en karriere i konsulentbranchen. Vi søger dygtige og engagerede kollegaer, der brænder for skatteretlig og juridisk rådgivning. Mulighederne er mange, da vi har mange forskellige kompetenceområder inden for Tax & Law.
  • Du er agil og forandringsparat. Din viden er betydningsfuld – men dit drive og engagement er lige så afgørende for at opnå succes. Vi søger kolleger, der er nyskabende og opfindsomme, som kan arbejde fleksibelt og som kan holde trit med en verden, der konstant forandrer sig.
  • Du er nysgerrig og målrettet. Du ser muligheder og løsninger i stedet for udfordringer, og du stiller gode spørgsmål for at afsøge rammerne og for at skabe de bedste resultater. Du ser udfordringer som en spændende mulighed for at bringe dit talent i spil og er indstillet på at lære og løse, ofte komplekse, opgaver fra bunden.  
  • Du er en teamplayer. Du trives i et dynamisk miljø, hvor der er plads til alle. Du værdsætter og omfavner forskelligartede perspektiver, og samarbejder for at skabe tryghed og tillid blandt dine kollegaer og samarbejdspartnere. 


Ansøgningsprocessen består af følgende steps:

  1. Ansøg: Upload dit CV samt en kopi af dit seneste karakterudskrift. 
  2. Motivation: Alle ansøgere får tilsendt et link med adgang til fire spørgsmål, som bedes besvaret kort på video. Dette giver dig en enestående mulighed for at uddybe din motivation for at søge en stilling hos os og vise os, hvem du er! Forbered dig gerne på at fortælle, hvilket fagområde, du er mest interesseret i.
  3. Samtale: Udvalgte kandidater bliver derefter inviteret til en personlig samtale på vores kontor.