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An Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) is a company officially certified by the customs authorities as being reliable. At the same time the AEO authorization also attest that the company does not represent any threat to the European Union or its trading partners. Therefore, an AEO authorization is beneficial for all companies having customs activities.

Obtaining an AEO authorization may be an excellent opportunity for you and will instantly provide you with the following benefits:

Significant financial and cash-flow benefits

  • Reduced amount of customs guarantee, exemption from customs and import VAT guarantee
  • Import VAT self-assessment

Customs-related advantages

  • Obtaining customs authorizations more easily
  • Access to further customs simplifications (e.g. non-stop customs clearance)
  • Submission of summary customs declarations with reduced data content

Furthermore, obtaining an AEO authorization

  • offers substantial reputational advantage on the market as based on our experience recently business partners are requesting from their suppliers to possess with an AEO authorization;
  • Significantly shortens the time of the customs clearance, even outside of the EU (e.g. in USA);
  • may be an excellent preparatory step towards achieving the “Certified Taxable Person” status.
Obtaining an AEO authorization is a project that requires the involvement of multiple departments (HR, Legal, Customs, Logistics, Procurement, IT, etc.) of a Company. Considering the length of the preparation time (which can take up to 6-12 months), without proper project management it may require significant human resources.

We have the professional and practical experience, as well as the personnel trained to execute the AEO project quickly and efficiently, allowing you to obtain your AEO status smoothly by ensuring that

  • your AEO authorization is issued as soon as possible,
  • your staff can continue focusing on day-to-day business operations without being distracted by the preparatory/authorization process more than it is necessary.
Our services

- Project planning

- Analyzing the processes affected by the AEO license requirements, advising on further process development if necessary

- Preparation and submission of the AEO application

- Active assistance throughout the customs due diligence process until your AEO authorization is issued

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