Customs optimization

Save considerable time and money with customs authorizations tailored for your activities.

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How EY can help

We have carried out numerous successful projects where we managed to achieve significant results in optimizing and improving our clients’ customs related processes. These optimizations lead to considerable cost savings from a customs, logistics and (human) resources perspective.

By holding the right customs authorizations, you can optimize your customs duty payments and logistics processes. This way you can save considerable amount of time, money and resources.

If you would like to enhance the efficiency of your customs processes to

  • pay customs duty on the goods ordered from non-EU countries only when you start to use them,
  • receive the goods ordered from non-EU countries the quickest possible way,
  • take control of your customs activities and carry out your customs activities non-stop (regardless of the official working hours of the customs authority),
  • easily manage your customs duty payments,

we may have more solutions for you to optimize your customs activities and to achieve the above objectives. As a result, you will be able to substantially reduce your costs, time and efforts but also to ensure your company’s growth and smooth operation.

Exploring efficiency-enhancing solutions

- Analyzing your current customs processes based on the information provided

- Delivering a brief summary on the opportunity(ies) how you can optimize your customs activities and logistics processes

- Continuous discussions in order to select the most favorable solution(s)

Tapsoló nő
Egy férfi és nő VR fejhallgatót használ
Practical implementation of the efficiency-enhancing solutions

- Full scope assistance during the implementation of the selected solution(s)

- Project management and liaison with the competent authorities to ensure the smooth implementation of the solutions selected and at the same time minimizing your efforts in the implementation.

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