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Jumpstart or accelerate your transformation journey with the EY Transformation Platform. By leveraging the unique combination of EY technology, business transformation and digital knowledge with proprietary digital tools, the EY Transformation Platform can play an integral role in helping you meet your transformation challenges.

What EY can do for you

Organizations need to transform now to meet today’s competitive threats and future-proof their businesses for tomorrow’s customers and operating environment.

Technology can help businesses do this in a variety of ways, including continuously scanning the external environment to spot new trends that derive business opportunities, and identifying and managing new partners to form ecosystems of value. It can also help them to co-innovate new digital products, services and ventures; improve customer and employee experiences; and transform performance across the entire organization.

The EY Transformation Platform (EYTP) helps organizations address these challenges. By leveraging the unique combination of EY technology, business transformation and digital knowledge with proprietary digital tools, companies can jumpstart or accelerate their transformation journey.

The EY Transformation Platform offers two suites helping clients address recurring challenges in innovation and transformation programs:

  • Innovation suite

    Technologies that help companies innovate across the entire enterprise and business ecosystem:

    • EY Assess: Assess and benchmark the maturity of business and technology capabilities ranging from innovation and digital to cyber and risk.
    • EY Strategy Edge: Gain rich insights by mapping the flow of investments and M&A transactions across market ecosystems.
    • EY Trend Sighter: Discover valuable insights into the latest tech and innovation trends with this future-facing content platform.
    • EY CogniStreamer: Innovate smarter, more collaboratively and securely with this leading innovation management solution.
    • EY VentureBuilder: Take the most innovative ideas from concept to execution with this roadmapping platform.

    Scroll through the video gallery below to learn more about the technologies:

    • Transformation suite

      Technologies that put humans at the center as companies transform their organization, customer and employee experiences:

      • EY DRIVE (Digital return on investment visualization engine): Dynamically develop and tell clear business case stories and drive go-no-go decisions for transformation initiatives.
      • EY Transformation Hub (T-HUB): Help maximize and realize value from all types of portfolios with this solution that connects strategy and execution.
      • EY Organization and Talent Hub (OTH): Transform an organization with this insights-rich forecasting, scenario and workforce planning tool.
      • EY Transformation Delivery Activator (TDA): Easily plan, track and control the execution of transformation programs and projects.
      • EY Change Insights: Take a data-led approach to designing and delivering change to the workforce to better enable them to adopt the change.

      Scroll through the video gallery below to learn more about the technologies:

      The tools in the innovation and transformation suites also power EY transformative solutions, which span the lifecycle of a transformation: from innovating business value (futures view and outside-in) to activating the transformation (inside-out) and transforming the business and ecosystem (mobilize and scale).

      By using these solutions, clients benefit not only from the most up-to-date, relevant and curated content but also from EY knowledge, which turns passive content into priorities, actions and business outcomes. This translates into faster time-to-market, faster development of new capabilities, lower implementation costs and a greater ability to adopt new technologies.

      Explore some of our transformative solutions that leverage Transformation Platform tools:

      • 1. Business Reinvention

        With proven experience and exceptional skills in creating, launching and scaling meaningful businesses, EY teams help organizations unleash new value streams. Together, we can help you reinvent your business holistically to be profitable, sustainable, impactful and designed to adapt for the long term.

        The Business Reinvention solution is powered by EY strategy, design and engineering, emerging tech and business transformation knowledge, and is digitally enabled by:

      • 2. Product and Service Innovation

        EY teams are helping businesses overcome key challenges to sustainable innovation, creating value for sustainability as well as helping sustainability create value for business. We leverage a proven approach to help future-proof your organization, help you redesign and reengineer products and services to create new customer value and have a positive impact on people, planet and profit.

        The Product and Service Innovation solution draws from EY design and engineering as well as business transformation knowledge, and is digitally powered by:

      • 3. Transformation Delivery

        Transformation is no longer a one-time event, and needs to be seen as a series of positive, energizing experiences with opportunities for growth and learning. Working with EY teams gives you a better chance of success by focusing on key areas of a transformation, putting humans at the center.

        The Transformation Delivery solution can help you jumpstart your transformation journey by leveraging EY business transformation, tech transformation and workforce transformation knowledge, and is digitally enabled by:

      • 4. Organization and Workforce Transformation

        Business leaders face a multitude of pressures affecting their organization and workforce model. How can you create an organizational model and workforce that’s fit for purpose?

        The Organization and Workforce Transformation solution can help you with workforce planning, organization design, organization and talent planning, and workforce management – so that your organization and workforce is effective today and fit for future. This is supported by our industry-leading, proprietary technology platforms harnessing the power of data, benchmarks and insights to drive better decision-making:

        • EY Organization and Talent Hub (OTH)
        • EY Change Insights
      • 5. Cybersecurity Transformation

        Every year, organizations face evolving challenges in managing cyber threats and are spending more and more on cybersecurity, but they are not winning the war on cyber. EY teams help businesses gain insight into their organizations’ cybersecurity maturity, identify approaches to help manage risk, gain trust in their systems, and deliver and maintain cybersecurity transformation with confidence and scale.

        The Cybersecurity Transformation solution draws from EY cybersecurity, tech transformation, and business transformation knowledge, and is digitally powered by:

      Innovation: A key driver of digital transformation

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