EY CogniStreamer: build and accelerate innovation programs

Create, assess and select innovative ideas jointly within strategically selected areas.

EY CogniStreamer is an AI-powered, configurable innovation management platform. It facilitates collaborative innovation by uniting users in creating, reviewing and selecting ideas, or applications through custom programs and templates.

Accelerating your transformation journey

EY CogniStreamer is a key component of the EY Transformation Platform, a central platform designed to streamline transformation journeys, forging a digital pathway from strategy to execution. The EY Transformation Platform supports organizations to unlock their full potential, establishing clear objectives and harnessing data for actionable insights.    

Accelerated innovation

Achieve full idea-to-execution flow by building and fast-tracking innovation programs through AI-powered, task-based stages.

Adaptable ecosystem growth

Easily manage and onboard diverse communities; automatically channel to relevant programs and rapidly scale your ecosystem.

All-in-one innovation hub

Streamline management of innovation programs, consolidating ideas, applications and insights into one accessible tool.

Onboard internal and external innovation communities on one tool

  • Structure and manage communities through dedicated invite links, single sign-on and multi-level user agreements. 
  • Automate your onboarding and combine open innovation with internal ideation.
  • Explore breakthrough innovation by building ecosystems while at the same time leveraging internal employees by looking for incremental improvements.

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Build and configure diverse innovation programs

  • Easily configure and manage collaborative innovation programs from scratch or by using pre-configured templates. 
  • Discover opportunity areas, launch idea campaigns, set up start-up accelerators, or invite external users for product validation, stakeholder feedback, student competitions and more. 
  • Collaboratively review, enrich and select crowdsourced ideas, applications and feedback though flexible workflows.


Accelerate innovation with the Innovation Co-Pilot

  • Enhance the user experience throughout the entire journey of the innovation process. 
  • Autonomously aid users at every step, from the initial spark to the enrichment and evaluation of ideas.
  • Deliver essential support and allow innovation managers to leverage AI creativity.
  • Provide a framework for autonomous innovation.

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