Diversity and inclusiveness

Diversity and inclusiveness are not “nice to haves.” They are business imperatives.

Diverse perspectives, combined with an inclusive culture, drive better decision-making, stimulate innovation, increase organisational agility and strengthen resilience to disruption. 

Inclusive organisations maximize the power of all differences and realise the full potential of all of their employees. This minimises blind spots, and encourages truly innovative thinking. Learn how creating and maintaining a culture of diversity and inclusiveness can help your organisation sustain long-term success in today’s global marketplace.

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EY inclusive workplace

EY Ireland 25 Sep 2019

EY D&I networks

International Network

To help our people to learn and understand different cultures, while promoting the D&I  message in alignment with EY values.

Family Network

To build a network of peers who can share their experiences of juggling all aspects of family life with their day to day working life.

Women’s Network

To contribute to Building a better working world by accelerating gender parity at EY and the business at large.

Ability Network

To enable the firm to be more disability confident. We hope to achieve this confidence by building on three core pillars; support, educate and empowerment.

Mental Health Network

To educate and create an environment where our people feel safe to talk openly about their mental health and feel they can obtain help when needed.

Unity Network

To promote an inclusive working world by engaging and empowering LGBT+ and allied individuals to be their best authentic selves.

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