Yannick Cabrol
Making the future desirable is about showing empathy to ensure the government has a concrete way today to tackle the challenges which will become more and more pressing tomorrow.

Yannick Cabrol

Ernst & Young — Ireland (EY Ireland) EY-DKM Economic Advisory Services Manager

Focused on development in hospitality, tourism, sport and culture.

Yannick is the EY-DKM Economic Advisory Services Manager who is in charge of economic attractiveness, sports and tourism-related projects. His core business skill is dealing with the public sector or the companies interacting directly with public authorities.

In the attractiveness and tourism projects, Yannick provides both local and national long-term strategies, economic modelling, benchmarking, positioning and marketing services. The sports projects require his skills at economic impact assessments, heritage strategy and bidding process, amongst others.

Prior to joining EY, he was the Economic Development and Sport Consultant for a top sports event management company.

Yannick has earned a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Government and a Master of Public Affairs from The Paris Institute of Political Studies. He has also received a degree in European Affairs from the University College Cork.

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