EY is committed to making business work for sustainability and making sustainability work for business. Our ambition drives our people and our solutions.

When business works sustainably, the world works better - for business, people and the planet.

At EY, we believe sustainability is the innovation opportunity of our lifetime. Enterprises and people are inspired now more than ever to do the right thing, to collaborate, innovate and accelerate to a more sustainable future. Collectively we can create financial, consumer, human and societal long-term value for all stakeholders.

Explore our global insights below on some of the key sustainability and ESG challenges organisations are currently facing and learn how our multidisciplinary teams create long term value by helping organisations build a more sustainable future, and a better working world for all.


Value-led sustainability

EY teams have a legacy of over 20 years in providing sustainability, and environment, social and governance (ESG) services. We utilise our deep technical skills across a breadth of business issues to help businesses create value for sustainability — while helping sustainability create value for business. This enables us to help protect and create value for all stakeholders and build a better working world. We call this value-led sustainability and it’s everybody’s business.

EY teams help organisations throughout their sustainability journey across four key areas.

Reframe strategy

We assist clients in creating a strategy that helps enable sustainability to deliver long-term value for shareholders and wider stakeholders. Through this, clients understand the opportunities for competitive advantage and the journey to get there.

Accelerate transition

We help clients implement their sustainability strategy, ambitions and targets, executing change projects across the value chain and delivering the underlying business case that includes financial, sustainability and ESG metrics.

Govern and operate

We help clients embed and adapt their governance so that the value created by their competitive advantage sustains over the long term. EY teams also assist clients to operate more effectively and efficiently in order to meet internal and external stakeholder demands.

Build trust

We facilitate clients in sharing a compelling view of their progress against stated goals and report or assure impact of their sustainability and ESG initiatives. This lets clients build trust with key stakeholders, regulators and investors — and consequently, meet their evolving demands.

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