Megumi Umeda
My daily mission is to develop innovative DE&I initiatives and practices for EY Japan so that we can be role models for DE&I in all of Japanese society.

Megumi Umeda

EY Japan DE&I Leader

Experienced creator and proponent of DE&I initiatives for organizational transformation. Believer in the value of DE&I training for future generations. PR and HR veteran.

Megumi Umeda assumed her current role as EY Japan DE&I Leader in October 2020, with responsibility for planning and implementing D&I initiatives and programs and measuring their effectiveness.

As a DE&I professional since 2007, she has developed and promoted diverse and innovative programs in areas such as flexible and remote working, on-site workplace childcare, long-term internships for students with disabilities, business leadership and managerial programs for women, and recognition of same-sex partners.

She was a founding member of J-Win, an NPO which supports and promotes women in business, the Accessibility Consortium of Enterprises (employment for the disabled), and work with Pride (LGBTQ+ equality in the workplace).

She is a D&I External Review Committee member at the University of Tsukuba, an Advisory Board member of the Tohoku University Committee for Gender Equality, and a Guest Associate Professor at Osaka University

She is a graduate of the Faculty of Humanities, at Sophia University. 

Building a better working world

I am committed to disseminating, developing, and implementing innovative D&I initiatives and practices at EY Japan and beyond into broader society. In fact, I would like EY Japan to become a role model for D&I in Japanese society. In addition, I aim to apply DE&I in a variety of EY business activities and processes for DE&I initiatives to break down barriers between organizations. My recent focus has been to develop new initiatives for growing needs in Supplier and Neuro Diversity.

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