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Yoshito Kijima

EY Japan Immigration Service Leader; Partner, People Advisory Services, EY Immigration Co.

Provides strategic, state-of-the-art immigration services. Always looking for a challenge. Loves rugby, golf and walking his dog Rex together with his wife.

Areas of focus Consulting Workforce
Office Tokyo, JP

Yoshito Kijima is Immigration Service Leader at EY Immigration Co. in Japan. He is an entrepreneur at heart and built a successful immigration practice as a sole professional in Japan before assuming prominent leadership positions at other firms. He has more than 15 years experience.

He leads EY's efforts to provide reliable immigration services to globally recognized companies and provide sound advice and counsel for structuring immigration compliance systems that secure both employee and employer's obligations. 

Yoshito's experience spans all corporate sectors, including the automotive, IT, engineering, energy, and healthcare fields. He is well recognized among his peers for solving challenging problems under demanding time constraints. 

He is an active member among immigration and global mobility organizations worldwide. He is a sought-after speaker and commentator on Japanese immigration and employment solutions at conferences and events worldwide. 

Yoshito earned his LLB at Keio University, and his JD at Keio University Law School.

Building a better working world

Although we live in an interconnected world, the ability to cross international borders with just the right knowledge at just the right time is what separates the top-performing companies from those that fall short of their goals. EY’s team can recognize the mobility challenges these companies will encounter before they become real problems.

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