Future Realised Malta 2020

Future Realised Malta 2020

16th Edition | 4 Days

Free Virtual National Event 

Oct 20 | Attractiveness and crisis impact | 10:00 CET

Oct 21 | Future and innovation | 10:00 CET

Oct 22 | People | 10:00 CET

Oct 23 | Society | 14:00 CET

The world has changed

The questions are more challenging

The impact will be defining 




What should Malta do now, next and beyond?

EY’s annual event in a brand new format

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Featuring the biggest international names, former world leaders, CEOs, academics, business and government leaders...

  • Prof. Jan Peter Balkenende, former Prime Minister of the Netherlands
  • Jan Krzysztof Bielecki, former Prime Minister of Poland
  • Dr Danilo Türk, former President of Slovenia
  • Kristin Schreiber, European Commission, Director for COSME Programme and SME Policy
  • David Pilling, Financial Times, Africa Editor and former Asia Editor
  • Rita Tenan, Microsoft, EMEA Public Sector Leader
  • Maha Eltobgy, World Economic Forum, Head of Shaping the Future of Investing
  • Timo Elliot, SAP, Global Innovation Evangelist
  • Irakli Beridze, United Nations, Head of the Centre for AI and Robotics – UNICRI
  • Gallina Vincelette, World Bank, Director for the European Union
  • Kate Macdonald, Digital Special Advisor at New Zealand Government, Fellow to the World Economic Forum (AI and Machine Learning)
  • Vladislav Severa, LearnerOn.Net, Founder, Longevity Tech Fund, Partner and co-founder
  • Antonio Matera, OpenText, Regional Sales Director Italy, Malta, Greece & Cyprus
  • Pierre Gattaz, BusinessEurope, President
  • Catherine De Vries, Bocconi University

...and many more.

Join speakers from the the biggest international institutions and companies as well as EY leaders from all around the world to hear insights in an ever-more connected world: 

  • Steve Varley,  EY, Global Sustainability Leader
  • Tony Qui, EY, Chief Innovation Officer
  • Peter Reinhardt, EY, EMEIA People Advisory Services Leader
  • Hugh Harper, EY, Joint Leader EY COVID-19 Taskforce
  • Barend van Bergen, EY, Long-term Value Methodology Leader
  • Matt Robb, EY-Parthenon, Education Managing Director 

Throughout the discussions participants will:

1. Assess the benefit of focusing on long-term value

2. Discuss the Covid-19 challenges which companies face in surviving and prospering in the short-term 

3. Outline the path towards more sustainable practicesmodern technology and a people-first approach


Time: 10:00am CET
  • Attractiveness and crisis impact

    Global leaders from the World Bank, European Commission and a former Polish Prime Minister, join global and local industry leaders to discuss the worldwide outlook of the Covid-19 crisis and the local economic scenario. We then delve into the findings EY’s Attractiveness Survey, followed by a frank discussion on the results and conclude with a discussion on a new economic model for the country. 

  • Speakers

    1. Kristin Schreiber, European Commission, Director for COSME Programme and SME Policy
    2. Jan Krzysztof Bielecki, Former Prime Minister of Poland
    3. Ronald Attard, EY Malta, Country Managing Partner
    4. Gallina Vincelette, World Bank, Director for the European Union
    5. Rita Tenan, Microsoft, EMEA Public Sector Leader
    6. Hugh Harper, EY Global, Joint Leader EY COVID-19 Taskforce
    7. Alfred Vella, University of Malta, Rector
    8. David Xuereb, Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, President
    9. Norman Aquilina, Simonds Farsons Cisk plc, Group Chief Executive
    10. Grace Camilleri, EY Malta, Banking and Consulting, Partner
    11. Chris Meilak, EY Malta, Economic Consulting, Associate Partner
    12. Simon Barberi, EY Malta, EU Consulting and Attractiveness Survey Lead, Director

    Moderator: Ivan Martin, Times of Malta

  • 10:00 – 10:30 | Impact of the crisis now, next and beyond

    Welcome to the opening of Future Realised Week!

    The event kicks-off with a view from around the world as Kristin Schreiber (European Commission), Rita Tenan (Microsoft), Gallina Vincelette (World Bank) and Hugh Harper (EY Global) provide insights on the global economic crisis and outlook and we begin answering the question: how can we reframe the future during the chaos of today? A summary analysis by Chris Meilak (EY) of the current economic scenario in Malta precedes the Malta Attractiveness Survey results. 

  • 10:30 – 11:00 | EY's attractiveness survey | Where does Malta need to focus?

    Every October for the last 16 years, EY has presented the Malta Attractiveness Survey to the nation – a moment to stop, reflect and move forward, as we listen to what current investors believe are Malta’s investment strengths and weaknesses. Ronald Attard and Simon Barberi (EY) present the 2020 attractiveness index and scoreboard as well as insights on the Covid-19 crisis and Malta’s vision for the long-term.

    Based on the results, local industry leaders will explore this crucial juncture for Malta and whether it means the Island must keep going in the same direction, refresh some areas, or reframe altogether. Join David Xuereb (Chamber of Commerce), Alfred Vella (University of Malta), Norman Aquilina (Farsons) and Grace Camilleri (EY) for a discussion on hot topics such as skill challenges, sectors to drive growth, and our transport and infrastructure.

  • 11:00 – 11:30 | Revive? Re-imagine? Transform? Opportunities for Malta in a new world order

    The opening day’s final segment will shine a light on the opportunities for the Maltese economy in a new world order. Several months into the crisis we may be more familiar with new realities such as remote-working, but what trends lie on the horizon and how can a small island take advantage of them? We explore what a new industrial strategy for Malta might look like and the sectors and skills to drive growth, re-imagining tourism, pivoting to tech and the opportunities brought about through nearshoring and a global virtual economy. Join Jan Krzysztof Bielecki (Former PM of Poland), Rita Tenan (Microsoft), Hugh Harper (EY) and Ronald Attard (EY) as we close day 1 of the Future Realised Week.

Time: 10:00am CET
  • Future and innovation

    Covid-19 has turbo charged the digital revolution. Speakers from the United Nations, World Economic Forum, SAP, Nvidia, Ericsson and OpenText join local telecommunication leaders to explore what this means for local businesses, delving into remote work, new business and operating models and the new ecosystem of innovation. We also discuss how to put AI to use, the opportunities for Malta as a pilot site for new technologies, and the things we got right in telecoms which we can transpose into other areas.

  • Speakers

    1. Prof. Jan-Peter Balkenende, Former Prime Minister of the Netherlands
    2. Timo Elliott, SAP, Global Innovation Evangelist
    3. Irakli Beridze, United Nations, Head of the Centre for AI and Robotics – UNICRI
    4. Keith Strier, Nvidia, Vice-president worldwide AI initiatives
    5. Kate Macdonald, Digital Special Advisor at New Zealand Government, Fellow to the World Economic Forum (AI and Machine Learning)
    6. Rani Yadav-Ranjan, Ericsson Accelerator, Global Head AI Technology & Innovation
    7. Vladislav Severa, LearnerOn.Net, Founder, Longevity Tech Fund, Partner and co-founder
    8. Antonio Matera, OpenText, Regional Sales Director Italy, Malta, Greece & Cyprus
    9. Tony Qui, EY Global, Chief Innovation Officer
    10. Nikhil Patil, GO, CEO
    11. Harald Rösch, Melita, CEO
    12. Tamás Bányai, Vodafone Malta, CEO
    13. Jesmond Bugeja, MCA, CEO
    14. David Darmanin, Hotjar, CEO
    15. Jackie Mallia, Consultant, GVZH Advocates
    16. Michael Azzopardi, EY Malta, Tech Consultant, Senior Manager
    17. Rani Yadav-Ranjan, Ericsson Accelerator, Global Head AI Technology & Innovation 

    Moderator: Neil Camilleri, The Malta Independent, Editor-in-Chief

  • 10:00 – 10:30 | Covid-19: Turbo charging the digital revolution

    The Covid-19 pandemic is not a bump in the road — it’s creating an entirely different landscape. Are organisations ready to seize these new opportunities? Global experts, evangelists and former world leaders present the big picture changes occurring and we explore how the pandemic turbo charged innovation. What else should we expect in a not too distant future and how can Malta capitalise? We also to listen to a local entrepreneur whose remote-work business model is envied by many of his peers. Join Jan-Peter Balkenende (Former PM of the Netherlands), Timo Elliot (SAP), Tony Qui (EY), Vladislav Severa (LearnerOn.Net and Longevity), Antonio Matera (OpenText), David Darmanin (Hotjar) and Michael Azzopardi (EY). 

  • 10:30 – 10:50 | AI - putting technology to use

    Science fiction tells the tale of humans and robots, two races apart. Yet we are on the cusp of a new industrial revolution, powered by human augmentation technologies. We explore how the pandemic is unleashing AI’s potential, the risks and ethical concerns around misuse and data, and the opportunities for Malta. Join global experts Irakli Beridze (United Nations), Keith Strier (Nvidia), Kate Macdonald (Gov. of New Zealand Business, Innovation and Employment Ministry), Rani Yadav-Ranjan (Ericsson), as well as Jackie Mallia (University of Malta and AI Taskforce Legal and Ethical Chair).

  • 10:50 – 11:15 | Telecommunications: what we got right, what we need to do next

    According to the Malta Attractiveness Survey, over the last few years Malta’s telecommunications infrastructure has been growing increasingly attractive for FDI. We gather industry experts to outline the right formula that went into developing such a robust sector and what attributes could be transposed to other sectors? Join industry leaders Nikhil Patil (GO), Harald Rösch (Melita), Tamás Bányai (Vodafone) and Jesmond Bugeja (MCA).

Time: 10:00am CET
  • People

    Three former European Prime Ministers and Presidents and a professor from Bocconi University join an eclectic group of young entrepreneurs and experienced local experts to discuss placing people at the centre of our economic model to create long-term value. The EY Generate Survey is presented, outlining the views of Millennials and Generation-Z on the crisis, the economy and their future in Malta.

  • Speakers

    1. Prof. Jan-Peter Balkenende, Former Prime Minister of the Netherlands
    2. Jan Krsysztof Bielecki, Former Prime Minister of Poland
    3. Dr Danilo Türk, Former President of Slovenia
    4. Pierre Gattaz, BusinessEurope, President 
    5. Prof. Catherine De Vries, Bocconi University, Professor of Political Science 
    6. Peter Reinhardt, EY Global, EMEIA PAS Leader 
    7. Matthew Robb, EY-Parthenon, Education Managing Director,
    8. Kenneth Farrugia, Bank of Valletta, Chief Business Development Officer 
    9. Prof. Tanya Sammut Bonnici, University of Malta, Pro-Rector 
    10. Catherine Calleja, Atlas Healthcare Insurance Agency, Managing Director 
    11. Zach Ciappara, Freehour, CEO 
    12. Yasmin Degiorgio, Sanya, CEO 
    13. Kevin Mallia, EY Malta, Consulting Leader and Partner

    Moderator: Chris Peregin, CEO, LovinMalta

  • 10:00 – 10:30 | People at the centre

    The pandemic has presented us with a chance as much as a challenge: a chance to segue from a growth economy to a value-based economy, marked by prioritising long-term value and the needs of multiple stakeholders over short-term growth. As companies around the world grapple with the impact of Covid-19, we explore how this wider focus can help companies pull through the crisis and transform for a better tomorrow.

    Join Jan Krzysztof Bielecki (Former PM of Poland), Pierre Gattaz (BusinessEurope), Michael Bertolino (EY) and Prof.Catherine De Vries (Bocconi). 

  • 10:30 – 11:00 | Generations rising | how Malta's youth view the country's future

    Due to Covid-19, EY’s annual Generate Conference specially created for students will not be taking place, but does this mean they don’t deserve a platform to have their voices heard? We surveyed over 700 Generation-Z and Millennials to get their views on the crisis, Malta’s economy and challenges, society and their future on the Island. We aim to put several online debates to rest as we outline their differences in thinking as well as their similarities.

    Hear from industry experts and analyse the findings with Kenneth Farrugia (BOV), Catherine Calleja (Atlas), Tanya Sammut Bonnici (UoM), Matt Robb (EY) and Kevin Mallia (EY) as well local Gen-Z and Millennial entrepreneurs Yasmin Degiorgio (Sanya) and Zach Ciappara (Freehour).

  • 11:00 – 11:30 | Long-term value creation: a new economic model

    End the third day with an outstanding panel line-up that features two former European Prime Ministers from the Netherlands and Poland, a former President from Slovenia, and a Professor of Political Science from Bocconi University.

    Leaders find themselves at a critical juncture, managing short-term pressures against medium and long-term uncertainties. We explore the socio-economic changes taking place and pose thoughts on the key questions business and political leaders are facing.

    Featuring Prof. Jan-Peter Balkenende (Former PM Netherlands), Jan Krzysztof Bielecki (Former PM Poland) Dr Danilo Turk (Former President Slovenia) and Prof. Catherine De Vries (Bocconi).

Time: 02:00pm CET 
  • Society

    Future Realised Week ends with global leaders from the World Economic Forum, EY, and acclaimed author David Pilling discussing what the great economic reset means, changing consumer trends and how Malta can move beyond GDP to measure success, EU funding available to tap sustainable initiatives and ways local businesses can measure, manage and communicate the impact of the long-term value they create. Local NGOs and academics contribute to the discussion, and the Government and Opposition put forward their views for a more sustainable Malta.

  • Speakers

    1. Hon. Silvio Schembri, Government of Malta, Minister for the Economy, Investment and Small Businesses
    2. Hon. Dr. Bernard Grech, Leader of the Opposition
    3. Maha Eltobgy, World Economic Forum, Head of Investors Industries
    4. David Pilling, Financial Times, Africa Editor and former Asia Editor
    5. Steve Varley, EY Global, Sustainability Leader
    6. Barend van Bergen, EY Global, Long-Term Value Methodology Leader
    7. Michael Collis, BNF Bank, CEO
    8. Michelle Piccinino, ERA, CEO
    9. Neil Agius, Wave of Change, Activist
    10. Martin Scicluna, Din L-Art Helwa, Vice-President
    11. Dr. Marie Briguglio, University of Malta, Economist
    12. Gilbert Guillaumier, EY Malta, Leader Transaction Support and Infrastructure Services, Associate Partner

    Moderator: Paul Cocks, MaltaToday, Deputy Editor

    Moderator: Keith Demicoli, TVM, Journalist

  • 14:00 – 14:30 | Covid-19: Reframing sustainability

    Covid-19 has forced whole nations and companies to weigh up the short-term imperative Vs long-term thinking and strategy. The final day starts with Maha Eltobgy (World Economic Forum) and Steve Varley (EY Global Sustainability Leader) exploring these themes and the World Economic Forum’s ‘Great Reset’ initiative. How can that perspective be applied here in Malta?

  • 14:30 – 14:50 | Achieving the unthinkable

    In June 2020, Neil Agius (Wave of Change) became the second person ever to complete the Herculean task of swimming from Sicily to Malta in one gruelling attempt. The attempt was all for a cause close to his heart - an anti-plastic pollution campaign. Neil will articulate the role each member of society has in driving positive change, following which we welcome back David Pilling (Financial Times), author of The Growth Delusion and economic journalist, to continue the conversation on how nations can move beyond GDP to measure success.

  • 14:50 – 15:10 | Malta Future Consumer survey and long-term value in practice

    As consumers keep adapting, how will your business change with them? Gilbert Guillaumier (EY) outlines the results of the Malta Future Consumer Survey and their implications with Covid-19. With those results in mind, David Pilling (FT) and Barend van Bergen (EY) discuss what this means for a country like Malta and the ways local businesses can deliver and measure the long-term value they create for investors and other stakeholder groups.

  • 15:10 – 15:30 | A truly sustainable vision for Malta

    The Future Realised Week ends but not before we hear from local Government and opposition officials as well as Martin Scicluna (Din L-Art Helwa), Marie Briguglio (UoM), Michelle Piccinino (ERA) and Michael Collis (BNF) on different perspectives for a sustainable vision for Malta. EY’s research will provide the basis for the discussion on where Malta should go from here and what to expect in 2021 and beyond. 

Examining the crisis now, next and beyond

  • Navigate the challenges which companies face in surviving and prospering in the short-term, particularly post Covid-19
  • Explore what the new normal might look like and where opportunity and competition will come from 
  • Consider the critical role of technology and innovation in transforming operations, consumer behaviours, work, health and education
  • Discuss the opportunity for companies to re-invent themselves as champions of the stakeholder economy
  • Consider how health, happiness, the environment and heritage can be given due focus alongside wealth as we move beyond GDP
  • Analyse ways in which society, business and government can work together to drive positive change and sustainable long-term value
  • Impact of re-shored and near-shored supply chains, the sectors that will thrive – and what this means for FDI in Malta

EY's latest research will provide talking points and insights throughout

1) Malta Attractiveness Survey | Foreign Direct Investment 

The results of the 16th EY Malta Attractiveness Survey, an annual study conducted among existing FDI companies in Malta, will be revealed. This annual report provides an analysis of current investors' sentiments on the impact of the Covid-19 crisis, Malta’s strengths, weaknesses and where we can go from here.

2) Malta Future Consumer 

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way most of us live and interact with each other and it also had an impact on consumption behaviour and patterns. The impact so far is examined in EY’s first edition of the Malta Future Consumer Survey.  Check out the results here.

3) Generate | Generation's Rising

With so much happening, we explore the differences and similarities in thinking between Millennials and Gen-Z on topics such as covid-19, the economy, Malta's challenges and what they would really like to see for a  better future for Malta.

This event will be accredited by the Malta Institute of Accountants in accordance with the AB accreditation rules.

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