Picture of Dag Flatebo
As transformational, clear-directional leadership propels the consumer and retail sector forward, technology and consumer-centric expertise will usher a new era of more strategic and innovative firms.

Dag Flatebø

Partner, Consumer and Retail, EY Nordic

Nordic consumer retail leader; 15 years of driving transformational change. In industry innovation, focusing on strategic growth and consumer-centric solutions. Husband; father of two.

Dag is a partner at EY where he leads the Consumer and Retail sector in the Nordics as a member of the EMEIA Consumer and Retail team. With over 15 years of tenure in the retail and consumer products realm, Dag specializes in steering transformation projects. His expertise spans commercial excellence, growth strategy, business reinvention and operational excellence.

Over the years, Dag has been instrumental in leading 10+ major strategic transformation programs for Nordic or EMEIA clients.

Prior to joining EY, Dag served as an account director at a multinational software developer, overseeing large accounts, and as a consultant at a tech firm, focusing on product lifecycle management for industrial and production companies.

How Dag is building a better working world

Dag is actively building a better working world by spearheading transformative initiatives in the consumer and retail sector. Building a better working world, in his mind, is a lesson in optimism, with a relentless focus on trial and error as the most important factor. As an engineer, he believes companies must focus on striking the balance between directional strategies and experimentation; this factor is instrumental for progress. Dag also strongly believes in fostering an environment where people embrace fairness, tolerance and “do good mentality” with a calibrated ethical compass.

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