Photo of Dan Jakob Wangen, EY Norway
I support clients through their entire sustainability journey. From understanding why sustainability is material, to change management and implementation.

Dan Jakob Wangen

Partner, Assurance, Climate Change and Sustainability Services, EYs Amplifier, EY Norway

Engineer with specialization within industrial ecology. Working cross sector with focus on understanding how developments within technology and megatrends interact.

Dan works in the Norwegian Climate Change and Sustainability Services department. He has extensive experience from working with climate risk, sustainability reporting and strategy, where he helps companies adapt their strategy to account for future developments in markets, risks and opportunities due to climate change and other ESG topics.

Dan is convinced that businesses plays a key role in the green transition, and that focus on material sustainability topics may provide companies with a competitive edge.

He has a background as a Master of Technology within Energy and Environmental Engineering with a specialization within industrial ecology.

Prior to joining EY he worked as a project manager for an oil service company producing pipeline components.

At EY, Dan has specialized in strategy, management systems, climate and ESG risk, and sustainability reporting. Accounting of GHG emissions is a commonality of these topics. 

How Dan Jacob is building a better working world

I am building a better working world by assisting companies minimizing their impact on environment and society while ensuring that the opportunities in the green transition is utilized to ensure long term value creation for our environment and society but also businesses.

The last few years I have worked across a large number of sectors, which includes oil and gas, process industry, bioindustry, waste and water treatment, finance, retail and culture. This has given me a good overview over best practice within strategy, implementation, reporting and management. 

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